How To Fix Or Repair A Dryer Vent Hose? (8 Step Guide)

Do you want to learn how to fix a dryer vent?

Dryer vents frequently get crushed, ripped, and pulled off the dryer.

Sometimes they also get lint clogs and other debris inside them.

In this guide, I will go over…

  • Repairing flexible metal dryer vents
  • Fixing aluminum foil type dryer vents
  • Cleaning the dryer vent of lint
  • And how to reconnect the vent without crushing it
how to fix dryer vent

Step 1. Unplug Dryer

The first step of dryer vent repairs is always to unplug the dryer from the wall outlet.

You don’t want to damage the cord or get electrocuted while you repair the vent.

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Step 2. Pull Back Dryer

The second step is to pull back the dryer so you can access the flex vent behind the dryer.

If you have a really tight area, you may have no choice but to climb over the dryer. But with most dryers, you should be able to pull it out enough so that you can sidestep behind it.

Step 3. Disconnect Dryer Vent Hose

The third step is to disconnect the flex vent behind the dryer.

There are usually metal clamps that will need to be loosened with a phillips screwdriver.

There also may be aluminum tape that needs to be removed which can be be peeled off (or cut with a knife).

To read more details for this step, you can read my guide on removing (and installing) the flex vent in a tight space.

Step 4. Repair Crushed Flex Metal Dryer Vent

If your flex vent is made out of flexible metal (rather than foil type), if it is crushed, you probably can just reach inside the vent and bend it back into shape.

And if there is a rip or hole in the vent, you should be able to use aluminum tape to cover it.

how to fix or repair dryer vent hose

I don’t recommend using duct tape since it isn’t designed for high heat situations like a dryer vent repair and may come apart.

If after trying to repair the dryer vent, and it still is in poor condition, you should just replace the dryer vent to be safe.

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Step 5. Fix ‘Foil Type’ Dryer Vent Hose

how to fix or repair dryer vent hose

If the flex vent is made out of aluminum foil (a much more flexible type of vent than metal) than it probably won’t be crushed like what is common with the flex metal vent.

However, foil type vents have metal wires going through the vent which gives it some strength and which can get damaged and warped.

Also, the foil can easily get ripped with holes and tears. Any holes should be repairable with aluminum foil tape. But if the wiring is damaged, you may just need to replace the dryer vent.

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how to fix dryer vent

Step 6. Clean Dryer Vent If Needed

After repairing the flex vent behind the dryer, it is a good idea to clean the vent before re-installing it. There are homeowner DIY dryer vent cleaning tools that uses a brush attachment on a cordless drill.

But since flex vents are so short, you may even be able to just clean out any lint with your hand — or use a simple kitchen cleaning type brush.

There also may be a birds nest blocking the vent or other debris like plastic toys that are left in pockets during laundry.

Step 7. Reconnect Dryer Duct

After repairing the dryer vent (and possibly cleaning it of highly flammable lint) you should reconnect it to the dryer.

The best way to install a flex vent is by using adjustable metal clamps, and then using aluminum foil tape over the clamp for a tight seal.

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Step 8. Push Back Dryer

After reconnecting the dryer vent, you should push back the dryer.

I recommend that you take a peek behind the dryer before fully pushing it back. It is a common mistake to push back the dryer too far which crushes the dryer vent. If you crush the vent, it will restrict air flow, and will reduce performance of the dryer — and may lead to a lint clog blocking the vent.

If the dryer vent looks crushed, you can try manipulating the vent with a long broom or stick to get it in a configuration where it isn’t crushed.

Once you are sure that the dryer vent won’t get crushed, you can push back the dryer to its original location.

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  1. Hi -My name is John -Got GE dryer 1.5 years -It has never dried completely because LOW air flow light comes every 4/7 times -GE has installed new heater, 2 new sensors -They say it is my fault -I have had duct professionally cleaned and air is coming out very strong on outside of house -So frustrating -any thoughts

    • I’d probably disconnect the duct at the back of the dryer, and just dry something really small like a wet rag, and see what happens. If it works fine, then you know its a duct issue. If not, then it is still the sensor or something within the dryer. Did they thoroughly clean around the drum, motor, belts, etc. on the inside?


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