How Far Should A Range Hood Stick Out (What Depth?)

Are you trying to find the correct range hood depth? 

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how far should a range hood stick out

As a home inspector, I have closely inspected a lot of kitchens and range hood installations. How deep should a range hood be is a common question from homeowners.

This article is meant as a general guide for homeowners and shouldn't be taken as the final word. Always verify installation requirements with the manufacturer and to check with your local building codes.

Let's get started!

How Far Should A Range Hood Stick Out?

Ideally, range hoods should stick out to the edge of the cooktop or range.

The best working range hoods will cover the entire cooking surface in order to effectively capture smoke, steam, and fumes. For the average kitchen, the range hood will stick out 18-22 inches to the very edge of the cooking surface.

It is important to avoid installing a range hood with a depth that is greater than the cooking surface which will just interfere with using the oven and get in the way.

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What If The Range Hood Depth Falls Short?

If a homeowner can't install a range hood with a depth that matches their oven, the range hood should at least cover 50% of the cooking surface or the rear burners.

We also recommend buying a stronger range hood with a greater CFM or fan speed in order to compensate for the reduced capture area.

And if you go for a higher CFM range hood, it is important to factor in the increased noise and pay attention to the sone rating of the appliance.

How High Should The Range Hood Be?

According to the International Residential Code, range hoods should be installed at least 30-inches above the cooking surface.

Range hoods that are installed higher than 30" will typically have a stronger than average fan motor with a higher CFM rating.

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range hood depth

What Should The Range Hood Width Be?

The width should ideally should match the cooking surface or even be wider by a few inches.

Anything less than the width of the oven will reduce the effectiveness of the range hood. The most common widths of range hoods are 24", 30" and 36".

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Final Thoughts

I hope you enjoyed my guide on range hood depth. Just to summarize...

  • The range hood depth should ideally match the depth of the oven in order to maximize it's effectiveness
  • If the range hood clearance is less than the cooktop, consider buying a stronger range hood to compensate for the reduced performance
  • The vent hood depth should at least cover 50% of the cooking surface


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