Top 5 Best Under Cabinet Range Hoods (2024 Review)

If you want to find the highest quality under cabinet range hoods, you are in the right spot!

In this review, you will learn:

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  • Installation tips
  • Choosing ductless vs. ducted
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best under cabinet range hood

As a licensed home inspector, I have probably inspected thousands of under cabinet range hoods in my career.

The most common sizes for under cabinet range hoods are by far the 30-inch and the 36-inch. But most manufacturers actually have a measurement of 1/4-inch or 1/2-inch less than these widths, so it's important to carefully measure your install area.

Below is a quick list of all our top under cabinet range hood picks! Keep scrolling to learn more about important specs, and read our buyer's guide.

Hauslane PS18
  • 6 speed settings for great suction
  • Flexible venting options
  • Swappable LED lights
  • 6 speed settings for great suction
  • Flexible venting options
  • Swappable LED lights
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KitchenAid [KVUB600DSS]
  • Company with excellent reputation
  • Inline blower option for reduced noise
  • Auto on when heat is detected
  • Company with excellent reputation
  • Inline blower option for reduced noise
  • Auto on when heat is detected
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Cosmo COS-QS75
  • Includes remote control
  • Stainless steel ‘arcflow’ filters
  • Delay timer included
  • Includes remote control
  • Stainless steel ‘arcflow’ filters
  • Delay timer included
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Broan-NuTone Glacier
  • EZ1 installation system
  • Captur’ technology for better filtration
  • Budget friendly price
  • EZ1 installation system
  • Captur’ technology for better filtration
  • Budget friendly price
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IKTCH [Model IKC01-30]
  • Gesture control option (no touching)
  • Powerful 900-cfm suction
  • 15-min auto delay timer
  • Gesture control option (no touching)
  • Powerful 900-cfm suction
  • 15-min auto delay timer
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Our Overall #1 Rated Pick

Hauslane PS18 


Our #1 top pick goes to the PS18 by Hauslane because it is a powerful, dual-motored, and stainless steel under cabinet range hood. It has buttonless front controls with 6 fan speeds. The PS18 features swappable LED lights so you can change them for a different color or intensity.

What Are The Top Under Cabinet Range Hoods?

In a hurry? Check out our top 5 under cabinet range hoods! Keep reading to discover more about our top picks.

  1. Hauslane PS18
  2. KitchenAid [KVUB600DSS] 
  3. Cosmo COS-QS75 
  4. Broan-NuTone Glacier 
  5. IKTCH [Model IKC01-30]

Top Rated Under Cabinet Vent Hoods Reviewed


Our overall top pick goes to the Hauslane under cabinet range hood because it is stainless steel and has a nice contemporary look.

  • Width: 30-inches
  • Speeds: 6 speeds
  • CFM: Not rated

The PS18 has two motors and powerful suction — strong enough for pretty much any home kitchen!

A nice feature of the PS18 is that includes energy efficient LED lighting that is also swappable! This means if you don't like the color or brightness, you can buy LED replacements (GU10 LED Lights) at your local hardware store or online. Some range hoods have built-in LED chip panels that can't be replaced.

The PS18 comes with great control options. It features a buttonless digital control panel and 6 speed settings. Since there aren't any buttons, it also makes the front easier to clean since there aren't any crevices for grease accumulation. In addition, there is a delayed shutoff timer so you can walk away from the range hood and it will turn off automatically.

Unfortunately there is no listed CFM for the PS18 because Hauslane believes that this rating is subjective and not really accurate (no international standard). This makes it harder to compare the suction power to other range hoods.


  • 6 speed settings for maximum suction control
  • Flexible venting options (round/rectangular at top & rear rectangular)
  • LED lights are swappable so you aren't stuck with manufacturer choice


  • No listed CFM or sound rating because Hauslane believes it is subjective
  • Poor design if you want to convert it to ductless


Let's face it, KitchenAid makes some of the highest quality and this hood is our pick for the most reliable.

  • Width: 30-inches
  • Speeds: 4 speeds
  • CFM: 585

People love KitchenAid products, and the company has been around for more than 100 years!

This KitchenAid range hood is the second most powerful hood in my round up with a a whopping 585-cfm. This is range hood is powerful enough to even handle commercial style ranges and cooktops.

This KitchenAid has a unique design in that pulls in air from the perimeter of the underside area. It effectively hides the filters, and KitchenAid also states that it speeds up the air flow around the center — increasing its efficiency.

One annoying downside with this KitchenAid hood is that it doesn't come with a 3-pronged plug — which means you will have to hardwire the unit. There are power cord adapter kits you can buy, but it just adds to the hassle of installation.


  • KitchenAid quality (company has existed for over 100 years)
  • Inline blower option to greatly decrease noise
  • Auto on when heat is detected (and auto off with timer delay)


  • Must be hardwired unless power cord kit purchased
  • Bulky and heavy (may require 2-3 people)

Our top pick for an under cabinet range hood for the nicest controls goes to the COS-QS75 by Cosmo.

  • Width: 29.5-inches
  • Speeds: 4 speeds
  • CFM: 500

The COS-QS75 is their 30-inch model, but they also have a 48-inch COS-QS48 and 36-inch COS-QS90 versions.

The type of filter (baffle vs mesh) is always a consideration for range hoods, and the COS-QS75 includes Cosmos's patented Arc Flow baffle filters. These filters are made out of stainless steel and they should last for years before replacement is needed.

The nice thing about the COS-QS75 is that it has great control options. It uses a touchscreen to control the fan speed (no buttons) and it is backlit. The range hood has four different speed levels — and they even include a wireless remote control. And unlike some range hoods, the COS-QS75 has a built-in auto shutoff timer.

One downside of the COS-QS75 is that it is heavy. It will probably take at least 2-3 people to install this range hood, and if you want to do it by yourself—you will definitely need some cabinet jacks.


  • Includes remote to control the stove vent hood from a distance
  • Stainless steel 'Arcflow' filters that are dishwasher safe
  • Delay timer that will turn off the unit


  • Heavy and probably requires at least 2 people for install
  • No warranty info on Amazon or manufacturer site

Our top budget pick goes to the Broan-Nutone Glacier. This range hood comes in at less than $125 which is significantly less than the more premium models.

  • Width: 30-inches
  • Speeds: 2 speeds
  • CFM: 250

But with world renowned Broan-NuTone as the manufacturer, this range hood is expertly designed and the stainless steel gives it a modern pro chef look that people love.

The Glacier comes with two simple rocker switches that control the 2 fan speeds and 2 light levels. The switches are underneath the unit and out of the way. It also comes with open mesh filters that are dishwasher safe and cover the entire underside of the hood.

A great benefit of the Glacier is that it comes with Broan's EZ1 installation system. Broan-NuTone claims that even one person can easily install their hoods with this system. You can read more info on the EZ1 system here.

The Glacier includes a new filter technology called Captur. In essence, it moved the air inlet farther to the front of the hood so it pulls in air more effectively. This means less smoke and less grease — it just works better.

One downside to the Glacier is that it is a hardwired range hood. So if you were just hoping to plug it into an outlet that is in the upper cabinet — no luck. If you are determined to just plug it in, you will have to buy a power cord adapter kit. And for whatever reason, Broan-Nutone does not include light bulbs with the Glacier.


  • Very price friendly compared to other hoods
  • Comes with the EZ1 installation system which allows a one person install
  • New 'Captur' technology for more effective smoke/grease filtering


  • Hardwired (power cord adapter kit sold separately)
  • Doesn't come with the halogen light bulbs

The IKTCH under cabinet range hood is the most powerful pick in my roundup. It is rated at 900-cfm on high and includes 4 fan speeds.

  • Width: 29.5-inches
  • Speeds: 5
  • CFM: 900

There is also a 15-min delay shutoff timer so you can walk away from the kitchen and let it turn off by itself.

The IKTCH under cabinet features two bright LED lights, stainless steel baffle filters, and 5 speed levels.

Probably the most unique feature of the IKTCH hood is the gesture controls. Basically, you can control the fan speed by just waving your hand in front of the stove vent hood. This is a great feature if your hands are dirty and you don't want to touch the hood.

One of the biggest downsides of the gesture control is that for some users it is way too sensitive. For some users, the hood can turn on if you just walk in front of it. Another issue with having such a powerful kitchen hood is the noise. If you only interested in sound levels, you should probably get a less powerful fan.


  • Gesture control allows you to change fan speed without touching it
  • Ultra powerful at 900-cfm to handle large ranges and kitchens
  • 10-year free motor replacement
  • 15-min auto delay off feature


  • Gesture control can be overly sensitive (no option to turn it off etc.)
  • Thin sheet metal which can easily dent
  • Poor plug location making it harder to route into cabinet

Why Install An Under Cabinet Range Hood?

The under cabinet range hood is probably the most popular range hood style in the world. Since it is secured underneath the upper kitchen cabinet, it has a few advantages like...

  • Saves space with a low profile
  • You can keep the upper cabinet
  • Has a 'built-in' look

Under cabinet vent hoods are likely the easiest to install as well. Most of the time, there already is an outlet that is inside the cabinet above the range — so after screwing in the hood (and connecting the vent) you just plug it into the outlet.

And if you are willing to buy a hand or cabinet jack, the installation can be a breeze. A cabinet jack will hold up the range hood while you take your time to connect the vent and the electrical.

How To Choose CFM For Under Cabinet Range Hoods?

When choosing the best under cabinet range hood, picking the right CFM is an important factor in your buying decision—you can read my guide on picking the right CFM here. CFM stands for cubic feet per minute, and it is a rating of the fan power of the range hood.

Most under cabinet range hoods range are anywhere from 160-cfm to a high of 900-cfm. Probably the most common CFM for home kitchens is around 300-cfm. I recommend that homeowners pick at least 100-cfm for each linear foot (width) of your range. So if your range or cooktop is 30-inches, then I recommend at least a 250-cfm hood.

Also, an easy rule of thumb is 100-cfm for each linear foot of range hood width or 1-cfm for every 100-btu (total range output)

Another way to determine CFM is look at your total BTU output of your range or cooktop. An easy rule of thumb is at least 1-cfm for every 100-btu. Here is a simple table...

Total BTU Output


25,000 btu


42,000 btu


45,000 btu


60,000 btu


best under cabinet range hood

How To Choose Size (Dimensions) Of Ducted Under Cabinet Range Hoods?

The two most common widths for under cabinet vent hoods are 30-inch and 36-inch. It is important that your stove vent hood is at least as wide as your range or cooktop. And if you can buy a range hood that is a few inches wider, that is even better because it will capture more smoke and fumes.

Width Is Usually A Bit Less

When looking at the dimensions of range hoods, most manufacturers don't actually have a width of exactly 30-inches or 36-inches. Frequently, the width is 1/4-inch or 1/2-inch less than than this amount. So you may want to take exact measurements underneath your cabinet and note the exact dimensions provided by the manufacturer.


It's important to correctly measure the height as well. If you buy a range hood that is too tall, there may not be enough space between the range and the bottom of the the hood (leading to heat damage). But if there is too much vertical space, the range hood won't be as effective as it should.

So simply measure from the top of the range to the bottom of the cabinet, and then you will have to subtract the height of the range hood. Ideally, the range hood should be between 24-inches to 30-inches above the cooktop. If you want to learn the details of building code for range hood vents, you can read my range hood code requirements guide.

Should I Pick Ducted Or Ductless Under Cabinet Hoods?

Another important consideration for buying an under cabinet kitchen hood is whether it is ducted or non-ducted. Some range hoods are designed to only be for non-ducted (recirculating) or ducted use. Other range hoods can be installed either way and are called 'convertible' hoods.

Ducted Is Always The Best

If you have the choice, I always recommend venting a range hood to the outdoors if at all possible. Ductless range hoods simply can't compete with vented hoods, they are much more effective. But sometimes there really isn't an option because it may be condo, an interior room, or some design problem (making it a nightmare to go ducted).

Making It Ductless

To make it ductless or recirculating, all you have to do is keep the vent knockouts covered, and to install a charcoal filter kit (as a separate purchase). The range hood will have a specific filter kit for that model. The charcoal layer filters smoke while the metal mesh captures grease. You also may need to remove any existing cover on the recirculation vent holes which is usually at the top of the kitchen hood.

Verify If Existing Hood Is Ductless

If you aren't sure whether your existing hood is ducted, one way is to look into the upper kitchen cabinet and see if there is a duct. However, the duct may also be hidden and go immediately into the wall through the rear of the range hood. So I would remove the range hood filter, and look into the hood enclosure with a  flashlight for a duct.

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Plug-In Vs. Hardwired Under Cabinet Vent Hoods

For some homeowners, it may just be an annoyance to buy a range hood that doesn't have a plug. But for others, it may cause you to return it and skip the trouble. It is undeniable that plug in type of range hoods are easier to install, but having to hardwire the hood isn't that difficult.

If this is important to you, just make sure that your kitchen hood comes with a 3-pronged plug so you can just plug it in to a 120-volt outlet inside the upper cabinet.

How To Install Range Hoods Under Cabinets By Yourself?

If want to install a range hood by yourself, then a cabinet jack is recommended.

These small jacks can hold up the stove vent hood for you while you connect the electrical and vent. And then just by squeezing a lever, the jack will automatically raise up the range hood so you can do the final screws.

And quite frankly, these handy devices may even be better than having human help. Cabinet jacks don't get tired, don't complain, and they don't even need coffee breaks.

When using a cabinet jack, it is best to put a piece of plywood over the range to protect it and as a firm base. You also should put a second piece of plywood over the top of the jack, and place the hood on top of the plywood. You can also add some cloth to protect the range hood from the wood.

Always Check Operation Before Install

Please, before you go through the hassle of installing an under cabinet range hood — check the operation prior to the install. Take the range hood out of the box, make sure that it actually came with all of the parts needed. And then you can simply put the stove vent hood on your kitchen countertop and plug it in. 

Go through all of the speed settings to make sure it works, turn on the lighting, and listen for any weird noises or problems.

Dry Fit The Range Hood

Once you are satisfied it is working properly and it has all the parts — do a dry fitting. Take the range hood and place it underneath the cabinet. Does it fit? Are you satisfied with the width? 

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Latest Features Of Low Profile Range Hoods

1. Auto On Heat Sensor

The best under cabinet range hoods have the ability to automatically turn on if it detects a certain amount of heat. This is a nice safety feature, but it can be helpful if you are cooking and you forget to turn on the hood.

2. Shutoff Timer

Shutoff timers are also becoming more common with range hoods. A shutoff timer will allow you to set a certain amount of time 5-15 minutes for the range hood to run and then it will automatically turn off.

3. Gesture Control

More home appliances are coming out with gesture control and kitchen hoods aren't an exception. Gesture control allows you to turn on/off the range hood or adjust the fan levels — simply by waving your hand in front of the unit.

4. Remote Control

Another handy feature is a range hood remote control. Now you can turn the range hood off or increase the speed when you are sitting in your living room (as long there is a line of sight).

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