Top 5 Best By Broan Range Hoods (2024 Review)

Want to find the best range hood by Broan?

Broan is one of the top players in the range hood industry --- known for its quality, reliability, and special features.

In this guide, I will go over...

  • My #1 top pick for the best range hood by Broan
  • How to pick the right CFM
  • The different Broan range hood styles

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top best rated range hoods by broan reviews

PM390 Power Pack
  • 390-cfm
  • Washable Filter
  • Heat Sentry Safety
  • 390-cfm
  • Washable Filter
  • Heat Sentry Safety
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  • 250-cfm
  • Quiet (1.5 Sone)
  • Stainless Steel
  • 250-cfm
  • Quiet (1.5 Sone)
  • Stainless Steel
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  • Under Cabinet
  • Stainless Steel
  • Low Price
  • Under Cabinet
  • Stainless Steel
  • Low Price
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Wall Mount
  • Chimney Style
  • 3-Speeds
  • Adjustable Chimney
  • Chimney Style
  • 3-Speeds
  • Adjustable Chimney
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  • Quiet (1.2 Sones)
  • Under Cabinet
  • Two LED Lights
  • Quiet (1.2 Sones)
  • Under Cabinet
  • Two LED Lights
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My Overall #1 Rated Pick

Broan Aluminum Power Pack
  • 390-cfm fan speed for high exhaust capacity
  • 1-piece washable mesh filter
  • Two 40-watt lights (bulbs not included)
  • Heat sentry safety feature

My overall top pick for the best Broan range hood goes to the PM390 Range Hood Insert.

This range hood insert can be covered with your choice of cabinet wood for a seamless kitchen look. It includes a 1-piece washable aluminum mesh filter as well as two 40-watt lights. It is rated at 390-cfm for a powerful exhaust capacity.

Top 5 Best Range Hoods By Broan

Short on time? Check out our top 5 range hoods by Broan! Keep reading for the details of each top pick and to read our buyer's guide.

  1. PM390 Range Hood Insert By Broan  
  2. BKSA130SS Sahale Broan Range Hood
  3. F403004 Stainless Steel Range Hood By Broan
  4. BW5030SS Wall Mount Broan Range Hood
  5. BCDF130SS Glacier Range Hood By Broan

How To Pick The Best CFM For Your Broan Range Hood?

Probably the biggest consideration when picking a Broan range hood is the CFM or fan speed of the vent hood.

CFM stands for cubic feet per minute and it is a measurement of how quickly the fan exhausts air. In general, kitchen range hoods are in the range of 200-cfm to 700-cfm. 

Anything over around 800-cfm is usually more in the commercial range hood category. In addition, if your range hood is above 400-cfm, a source of makeup air (outdoor ventilation) is frequently required to offset the air loss.

There are a few different benchmarks for choosing the CFM for your range hood.

To learn more, I invite you to read my detailed guide on choosing range hood CFM that discusses ducting, kitchen size, and other factors.

Total BTU Output

One way of picking CFM is totaling your BTU output of your range or cooktop and multiplying 1-CFM per 100-BTU. So if your total BTU output is 30,000 BTUs, then you would pick a vent hood with at least 300-cfm.

You can also follow HVI's recommendation for range hoods. HVI is a non-profit organization that tests and certifies range hoods.

HVI Recommendations

HVI recommendation for the ideal exhaust capacity is 250-cfm for 30" range hoods, 300-cfm for 36" range hoods, and 400-cfm for 48" range hoods.

The minimum recommendation for hood exhaust capacity is 100-cfm for 30" range hoods, 120-cfm for 36" range hoods, and 160-cfm for 48" range hoods.

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How To Pick The Best Vent Hood Style By Broan?

Broan makes a few different styles for their range hoods such as...

Basic Under Cabinet

The most common is the standard 30-inch under cabinet range hood. This range hood is probably the easiest to install since it is fastened underneath a cabinet. In general, these range hoods also have the lowest CFM.

If you want just a basic range hood, then this may be the choice for you.


Range hood inserts are range hoods that are meant to be inserted into either a cabinet, or a wooden range hood shell. Here is a sample catalog on these wood hoods.

You can also custom install wood panels or other materials over the range hood---basically creating your own shell.

The easiest method would be to just insert the vent hood into an existing overhead cabinet.

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Wall Mount Or Chimney

The wall mounted range hoods or chimney style is a range hood that is installed onto the wall but without an overhead cabinet.

These kitchen hoods have a distinctive style because their is an elongated upper section that usually goes all the way up to the ceiling. Some of these chimneys are adjustable and can be custom fitted to be flush with your ceiling.

Of course, if you have an overhead cabinet that you want to keep, then this won't be the style for you.

Should I Go Ducted Or Ductless?

Pretty much all range hoods can go ducted or ductless. Both versions will significantly decrease indoor air pollutants from cooking.

The ductless conversion of the range hood basically means installing a charcoal filter instead of the standard aluminum mesh filter. The ductless filters actually have both: aluminum mesh and charcoal.

The charcoal helps remove smoke and cooking odors that isn't necessary if the kitchen hood is ducted to the outside.

Which One Is Better?

I don't think anyone can dispute that having a range hood ducted to the outside is preferable to the ductless version.

However, some homes aren't allowed to have ducts to the outside such as in condos or townhomes. In fact, about half of the homes I have inspected only have ductless range hoods. And that's fine---just make sure to install the correct charcoal filter.

If you want to read more information on charcoal filters and ductless hoods, you can read my full guide here.

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What Is The Best Range Vent Hood By Broan?

I have looked at the current inventory of Broan, and these are my top picks for the best range hoods with their pros and cons...

My #1 top pick for the best range hood by Broan goes to the PM390 Range Hood Insert is a great range hood if you are looking for an insert that you can cover with cabinet wood.

This range hood is rated at 390-cfm and 6-sones, making it a powerful fan with moderate noise.

It also includes a heat sentry feature which means that when there is unusually high heat, the range hood automatically goes to high speed for safety. The mesh filter is one-piece and is easily removable and washable.

  • 390-cfm for a powerful exhaust capacity
  • Heat sentry safety feature
  • Washable 1-piece mesh filter
  • Pretty loud
  • Cheap fan & light controls

The Sahale Range Hood by Broan is a premium under cabinet range hood made of stainless steel.

This 30-inch stainless steel hood has two fan speeds as well as two light levels. It is rated at 250-cfm for a more powerful hood that standard hoods, but it is also quiet at only 1.5 sones.

The blower fan inlet is also put at a more forward position so it more effective at removing smoke and odors. Light bulbs and filter are included.

  • 250-cfm for a powerful fan
  • Quiet at only 1.5 sones
  • Stainless steel
  • Underside looks unfinished
  • Underside is hard to clean
  • Comes with halogen bulbs (not LED)

The F403004 is a nice stainless steel 30-inch range hood. This kitchen hood is installed under a cabinet and it can be ducted or self-circulating. 

The basic operations include a light, as well as a low-high mode for the fan speed. 

The fan speed is in the range of 160-cfm to 190-cfm depending on if the duct is vertical or horizontal.

  • Made of stainless steel
  • Budget friendly price
  • Installed under cabinet
  • Average look and functions
  • Doesn't come with LED bulbs
  • Loud (6.5 sones)

The chimney style BW5030SS by Broan is a wall mounted range hood with a nice European look. It comes with 3 fan speeds using push button controls, and it is made of stainless steel.

This range hood is rated at 350-cfm and can be used for electric cooktops or gas ranges up to 45,000 BTUs.

It has two 40-watt incandescent lights to illuminate your cooking area --- it is also pretty easy to clean. The chimney portion of the range hood is telescopic so it can be adjusted to fit your ceiling height (up to 9-feet).

  • Stainless steel
  • Chimney portion is adjustable (up to 9-ft ceilings)
  • Two 40-watt lights
  • 3 fan speeds
  • Can't be installed with overhead cabinet
  • Loud (9 sones)

The Glacier range hood by Broan is an elegant and unique range hood. This stainless steel hood is rated at 300-cfm and has a low sone rating of 1.2 at normal speed.

It comes with two LED lights that are heavily tested so they survive the cooking environment.

The Glacier also comes with two mesh filters that are dishwasher friendly and will effectively catch cooking grease. The fan has three speeds and it is 36-inches wide to fit under most cabinets.

  • Quiet at only 1.2 sones
  • Two LED lights
  • 36-inches wide for under cabinet install
  • Push buttons are poorly made

My #1 Top Pick: PM390 Range Hood Insert By Broan 

My top pick for the best range hood by Broan goes to the PM390 range hood insert. Here's why...

#1. Insert

This kitchen hood is classified as an insert. This means that you can cover the hood with cabinet wood (or something else) to give it a seamless look with the rest of your cabinets---so it doesn't stand out as a big metal object.

#2. Fan Power

This range hood is rated at 390-cfm which is more than enough power for most home kitchens. This means it will effectively remove smoke, grease, and cooking odors.

#3. Filter

The aluminum mesh filter is easily removable, cleanable, and reusable.

#4. Heat Sentry

The heat sentry feature is a safety mechanism that will automatically turn the hood to high speed if it detects an unusual amount of heat from your cooktop. This can help save your bacon when the literal bacon is on fire if you catch my drift.

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