Top 5 Best Whole House Water Filters For Iron (2020 Review)

Is it time to buy a brand-new water filter?

Has iron become a problem when it comes to your home’s water system?

To ensure your water is cleaner and properly filtered, we have compiled a comprehensive guide on whole house filters for iron.

In this review, you will learn about…

best whole house water filters for iron
  • The advantages of using a whole house water filter
  • What to keep in mind before buying a new water filter
  • How a water filter works
  • Our recommendation for the best whole house water filter

Let’s start by learning the ins and outs of whole house water filters for iron.

Our Overall #1 Rated Pick

  • Lasts 3x Longer Then Greensand
  • Specifically Removes Iron
  • Keeps Healthy Minerals
  • Removes Odors
  • 5 Micron Filtration

My overall top pick for the best whole house water filter for Iron is the iSpring WGB32BM because it is powerful and unique 3-stage filtration system. The last stage is specially designed to remove iron and manganese.

What are Whole House Water Filters for Iron?

A whole house iron filter for well water filter refers to a system designed to remove chemicals from the main water supply. This can include potential traces of iron. 

Iron is noted for being an unwanted contaminant in larger quantities. In general, drinking water holds 10 mg per liter and any amount higher than this can create significant challenges such as metallic-tasting water or stains. It can also lead to iron deposits collecting in the pipes and causing damage.

To determine an iron problem in the water supply, it’s best to find the source. In many cases, it has to do with corrosion in the plumbing system (pipes). Plumbing can have many types of problems, and some piping is even inherently defective like polybutylene.

Iron can also come straight from the main water supply if it’s spoiled. As a result, property owners are recommended to test their water for iron bacteria, alkalinity, and hardness before buying the best whole house water filter.

A traditional whole house iron filter for well water connects straight to the main water line and helps remove sediment, iron, chloramine, or chlorine.

The iron is removed with a specialized whole house iron filter. The filter uses manganese dioxide media to manage the iron. These filters can convert approximately 15 mg/L of iron in the water before removing it using a traditional sediment filter. All of this is done using one system, which makes it easier for property owners to set up.

The idea is to clean the water and make sure it’s ready for human use or consumption. Otherwise, the water can be hard, filled with debris, and infected. This is why whole house water filters play an important role in the safety of those living inside. 

Since it’s a “whole house” filter, all of the water is filtered through the system. This includes water going to the dishwasher, kitchen sink, bathroom, or washing machine. 

When the system is turned on, it immediately begins filtering out the contaminants (i.e. iron, chlorine). It’s important to note, each property has unique demands when it comes to finding the right iron filter. It often depends on the amount of water needing to be filtered, the property’s size, and what is being filtered out. 

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What are the Benefits of Whole House Iron Filter For Well Water?

To buy a great whole house water filter for iron removal, it’s best to understand the advantages of installing one. 

The benefits include:

  • Comprehensive Removal of Iron From the Main Water Supply
  • Removal of Metallic Taste
  • Reduction in Stains Caused by High Iron Levels
  • Removal of Iron Deposits in the Pipes
  • Elimination of Unwanted Bacteria

These advantages are incredible and illustrate the value of buying a brand-new whole house water filter for iron. It can make sure the water is soft, easier to use, and minus those bad smells people dislike. When the water is filled with iron, it can start to damage the dishwasher, cause discoloration, and even lead to worn-down shower curtains!

A well-designed whole house water filtration system can make a tremendous difference.

It can help keep the water clean and safe to use year-round.

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an iron filter can prevent staining

How to Install a Whole House Water Filter?

Installing a whole house water filter for iron begins with a detailed assessment of your house.

It’s important to find the pressure tank. This is where the filtration system goes. Look to place the best iron filter for well water in the right spot ensuring it catches sediment, iron, and other contaminants right away. 

Secure the iron filter into place and make sure everything is connected before use.

Please note, each whole house water filter comes with unique parts. Take the time to learn how these parts function before the installation.

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How to Pick the Best Whole House Water Filter for Iron?

  1. Local Contaminants and Disinfectants

Begin by looking at the city’s water and what’s coming into your house.

Start examining the different types of chemicals found in the local water supply, how they impact your life, and what type of filter will make a real difference.This makes it easier to find a legitimate whole house water filter for iron. 

If you’re aware of higher iron levels in the water, it’s important to go for a filter that’s specifically designed to remove iron. If the system can’t handle contaminants in your city’s water supply, this may take away from its efficiency.

A good example of something that wouldn’t work is a filter that removes chlorine when the water supply is filled with chloramines.

To better understand what’s in your city’s water, feel free to reach out and visit the local government website for more information. In most cases, there’s a specialized water department in place to help with these questions. They will be more than happy to shed light on what’s in the water.

  1. Flow Rate

The flow rate is just as important as other features of a water filter system. This specific detail refers to the filter’s “flow,” (gallons per minute). By knowing this number, you can determine how much water is available at any given moment.

Imagine using your dishwasher, washing machine, and shower at the same time. Can the water filter handle it? To answer this question, you need a higher flow rate to keep everything working.

According to recent studies, the average toilet has a flow rate of 5, while showerheads come in at a flow rate of 2.5+.

Keep this information in mind while buying a whole house filter system. Add up the different numbers and make sure the system’s flow rate is higher than your house’s requirements. In general, anything less than 10 isn’t going to work well.

  1. Ability to Remove Iron

This is one of the most important requirements when it comes to water that’s high in iron.

Check to see whether or not the water filter is capable of handling iron. Can it handle large amounts of iron coming through the main supply? Can it consistently remove the iron without breaking down?

These are essential questions when the main focus is on filtering out iron. Don’t get mesmerized by other chemicals or contaminants because your water supply is likely high in iron.

While the market has great all-around water filters, it’s still important to begin with the basics. Look at something that can manage iron and then move forward from there. Otherwise, you could end up with something that doesn’t work well with your water supply.

  1. Port Size

The port size is often ignored when it shouldn’t be. In general, the best whole house water filter should have a port size that’s 1”. 

The reason to look at the port size is to make sure nothing gets in the way of the water flowing through your filter. It makes sure the water gets from point A to point B without slowing down or getting trapped in the pipes.

  1. Filter Life 

How long is the filter going to last once it’s in use?

This is an essential feature to look into because certain filters age rapidly. You want something that’s efficient, easy to install, and can handle iron without needing regular maintenance.

For most cases, a water filter should last for at least 100,000+ gallons with some going up to 150,000 gallons. Of course, the numbers can vary but it’s best to look at carbon filters as they known to last longer and deliver better results.

As long as the filter lasts 100,000 gallons, the replacements won’t become an ongoing problem.

  1. Filter Size 

The filter’s size is crucial when figuring out how often it will need maintenance. A larger filter can handle more and won’t break down as easily. It also allows more water to go through the system. For most homes, it’s okay to go with a filter that is around 4.5” x 20”.

This offers a respectable flow rate and comes with the right port size too.

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How are Whole House Water Filters Different From Other Filters?

A whole house iron filter for well water can vary. The different types are based on specific contaminants in the water, what’s being filtered, and how the filter is attached.

For example, tap water is regarded as being filled with contaminants that can be bad for the human body. This means it’s important to go with a filter that can handle those particular contaminants including iron. The best iron filter for well water needs to generally come in a “3 stage” setup to make sure it covers the entire house and filters everything consistently.

The tap water also includes disinfectants to control potential outbreaks such as diphtheria and typhoid. The right 3-stage whole house water filter assists with removing those disinfectants and making it easier to wash your clothes.

However, there’s a secondary option available on the open market, which is designed along a two-stage setup. This refers to only removing sediment and carbon from the water. The filter can be attached to different supply sources but it’s sometimes not effective in getting rid of everything in the water.

Since it’s possible to deal with contaminants such as chlorine, iron, hydrogen sulfide, it becomes important to find a reasonable solution that’s easy to install and works well.

Where to Buy the Best Whole House Water Filter for Iron?

To purchase a world-class, reputable whole house water filter for iron removal, it’s best to buy on Amazon.

This is a reputable online retailer that has some of the world’s finest filters all in one place. Take the opportunity to dig through the various options, choose the right one for your home, and move forward with something worthwhile.

Amazon offers great value and makes sure your new filter is the real deal.

What are the Best Whole House Water Filters for Iron?

Best Priced Pick:  APEC 3-Stage System

The APEC 3-Stage System is a wonderful whole house water filter.

It comes with a comprehensive iron-free setup to remove contaminants and includes a 20” filter to manage different chemicals. 

It’s designed to be effective, safe to use, and works well in different situations including small-sized properties.


  • Refined Filtration Mechanism
  • Can Handle Powerful Contaminants
  • Affordable


  • Takes Time to Set Up
  • May Need Replacement Filter Quickly

Best Designed Pick:  Fleck 5600SXT

The Fleck 5600SXT is a powerful and well designed whole house water filter and can help improve the water’s quality.

It comes with a long list of features and is easy to install.

The unit is compact, consistent, and in line with what a modern property needs.


  • Beautiful Build Quality for Sleek Appearance
  • Durable
  • Easy to Set Up


  • Below-Par User Manual
  • Can Require Adjustments

Best All-Around Pick:  iSpring WGB32BM

The iSpring WGB32BM is an all-inclusive whole house filter for iron and is well noted as a beginner-friendly solution.

It’s easy to install, requires minimal maintenance and is designed to target the main water supply for every output in the house.

It’s an ideal addition to a small or large-sized property without getting in the way.


  • Aesthetically Pleasing Design
  • Powerful Filtration Process for Iron
  • Easy to Install


  • Certain Parts are Flimsy
  • Replacement Filters are Required Quickly

Best Tested Pick: AIS10-25SXT

The AIS10-25SXT is a modern whole house water filter for iron removal and uses a special piston design to filter the water.

This keeps the flow rate up and makes it easier to maintain.

Unlike traditional solutions with dual tanks, this is an all-in-one setup that provides consistent results throughout the year.

Once installed, the tank works easily and keeps the maintenance costs down.


  • Consistent Contaminant Removal
  • Pre-Filled Setup for Simpler Installation
  • Durable Build Quality


  • Heavier Than Its Alternatives
  • May Take a Bit of Time to Get Going

Our Top Pick: iSpring WGB32BM

  1. Crisp Performance

Performance is essential when it comes to a whole house water filter for iron. If the performance isn’t up to par, it can start to ruin the water’s quality. Iron is noted for being difficult to filter and requires a solution that’s working at 100% throughout the day.

With this particular filter, the performance is excellent. The iSpring offers whole house filtration without getting in the way. It works in the background while removing iron, rust, pesticides, industrial solvents, manganese, and even herbicides. This ensures it’s ideal for all residential properties and doesn’t impact the water flow.

  1. Easy to Set Up 

The set up process is as easy as you need it to be.

Property owners do not have to struggle with the manual or parts. Instead, it takes no more than a few hours to connect the whole house water filter to the main water supply. As long as it’s connected to the water supply, it continues to filter the water coming into the home.

The iSpring WGB32BM is appreciated for its ability to work with different outlets and can immediately help remove chlorine, iron, odors, and sediment. This makes it a useful addition as soon as it is set up.

  1. Consistent

Home water is known to be contaminated and can fluctuate in quality based on how much iron, chlorine, or manganese is measured. This makes it important to go with a whole house water filter such as this because it’s remarkably consistent. The filter can specifically target unwanted contaminants without ruining the water’s essential minerals.

This makes it a wonderful addition to any property wanting high-quality water coming through its outlets. Whether it’s taking a shower, drinking water, or using the dishwasher, this filter ensures the filtration process is consistent.

  1. Durable

Setting up this whole house water filter is great because it’s long lasting.

The filter is designed to handle hard water and can manage different contaminants without breaking down. The product has been tested to reduce iron levels down to 0.01 ppm, which is perfect for residential use. The same applies to contaminants such as manganese.

While handling these contaminants, the system doesn’t slow down or fall apart. This makes it one of the most durable products on the market right now. 

  1. Powerful

The amount of power generated by a whole house water filter is essential. It needs to keep up with the property’s water usage to deliver good results. Otherwise, the water won’t be filtered as needed.

This filter works in three stages and does an exceptional job of removing unwanted contaminants.

To demonstrate its overall efficiency, the filter has passed independent tests run by the NSF/ANSI. This filter meets their standards and can filter up to 100,000 gallon of water. 

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