My Top 5 Best Rated Whole House Water Filters (2019 Review)

Do you want to know what are the best whole house water filters? I got you covered.

It is no doubt that the consumption of bad water may lead to bad health and perhaps in some cases, an untimely demise.

Many sources of water contain various particles, sediments and contaminants including heavy (and life-threatening) metals like lead, nickel and mercury.

the best whole house water filters

Some organisms present in water are known to be the cause of waterborne diseases such as cholera and typhoid.

In this product review, we will be going over…

  • My #1 top choice for the best whole house water filter
  • The overall top benefits of having a whole house water filter
  • A quick overview on installing a water filter system
  • How a whole house water filter may also soften your water (removing calcium buildup)
  • The differences between a whole house water filter and other types of filtration systems

Let’s get started with this review!

My Top 5 Best Whole House Water Filters…

  1. Aquasana Whole House Water Filter (My #1 Top Choice)
  2. iSpring 3-Stage Whole House Water Filter System
  3. EcoPure Universal Large Capacity Whole House Water Filter System
  4. DuPoint Universal Whole House Water Filter System
  5. Culligan Whole House Water Filter System

What Are Whole House Water Filters?

Basically, whole house water filters are filtration systems that treat your water at the point of entry into the house — usually next to the main water shutoff.

These filtration systems remove all contaminants such as excess chlorine, sand, minerals, bad odors like sulfur, bad tastes, acidic substances, and heavy metals like lead and nickel.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, you need to choose a water filter when:

  • You don’t like the taste of your water
  • You are worried that there are heavy, hazardous metals in your water
  • There are nitrates and chlorine compounds in your water
  • You have a poor immune system
  • Your water is hard (and may damage copper piping)
  • You need you pure water for religious rites

Whole home water filtration systems are designed in such a way that after water is passed through them, ALL of the home’s faucets are good for drinking, showering, and general usage.

The PennState Extension asserted that most unhealthy substances, odor and taste in water can be treated with a whole house water filter if properly maintained.

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What Are The Benefits Of A Whole House Water Filtration System?

Before any homeowner decides to install a whole house water filter, it is good to know some of the benefits that can come with using one. These benefits include the following…

  • Elimination of chlorine: Although chlorine at a minimal level is used to kill the bacteria present in water, excess chlorine in drinking water leads to illnesses. When you take a shower, lead is put into the air, and you actually breath it in. Chlorine also doesn’t give the best taste to water if you catch my drift.
  • Elimination of hardness in water: It is known that the use of hard water is not healthy for your skin, your health, or your pipes. Advanced whole house water filters can act similarly to water softening systems and will reduce minerals in your water — making it healthy when in contact with your skin or easy to form lather when washing clothes. Having less minerals in your water such as calcium will also help your appliances run more efficiently and extend their lifetime.
  • Removal of debris and dirt: Often times seeing dirt or particles in water is irritating to most people even if the water is safe for drinking. Installing a whole house water filter ensures that particles or dirt are removed from the water right from the main source.
  • Removing bacteria and parasites: A whole house water filter will remove microscopic organisms that may be present in well or municipal water. If a sewer line breaks in your neighborhood, there is a chance that it will contaminate the water supply. A house water filter can give you peace of mind.
  • Odors and smells: A whole house water filter can minimize or eliminate off smells such as sulfur from your water as a result of chlorine, lead, and other chemicals.
  • Minimizing lead: Lead is a scary word, and we have all heard of the fiasco in Flint Michigan where there has been extensive lead water contamination. But even acceptable levels of lead in municipal water isn’t acceptable to many people. A whole house water filter will greatly reduce the amount of lead in your water.

How to Install a Whole House Water Filter?

To enjoy your whole house water filtration system, you will need to install it properly. The installation of a water filter often requires some plumbing skill. However, a homeowner with some DIY skill may wish to save the cost of hiring a plumber.

Another option is to buy a whole house filter yourself, and then hire a plumber to just install the part — this is usually the best way to save money (and have it professionally installed).

As a simplified and quick overview, here are the main steps to install your whole house water filter system…

Step 1: Find the right location for your water filter. It is often preferable to select a place where the main water line enters your home. This ensures that filtered water flows through every other faucet in your home. The main location should be a place that is easily accessible because the filter will eventually need to be changed.

Step 2: Shut off the main water supply

Step 3: Open all faucets and fixtures to drain all the water left in the pipe lines.

Step 4: Remove a section of your pipe which will be replaced with your filter system.

Step 5: To make it easy to maintain or replace your whole house water filter, install a shut-off valve so that you have two shutoffs on both sides of the system. You can also install a bypass valve so that during the maintenance of your whole house water filter, water can still run through your home.

Step 6: Install a pressure gauge next to the shut-off valve so that you can always check the pressure level of your water; and so you can know when it is time to change the filter.

Step 7: Fit the existing plumbing pipe into the whole house water filter system. If the pipe size doesn’t fit the whole house water filter, consider using adapter fittings. Then seal all the threaded ends using Teflon tape. This will help prevent leakages. You may also need to solder the joint. But if you use push fittings, you may not need to.

Step 8: Rinse all the housings that come with the whole house water filter with warm water. This will help remove all particles or contaminants that come with the filter from the manufacturer. Then, apply grease on the O-rings and ensure that they are positioned tightly.

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How To Pick The Best Whole House Water Filter?

Before you purchase a whole house water filter, there are certain things you will need to consider in order to select the best one. Things like…

  • Home suitability: For instance, if your water is provided by municipal services, then your water might be susceptible to contaminants such as sediments, chlorine, minerals, and chemicals. But if your water source is from a private well, then the water will probably be susceptible to hardness, minerals, iron and other toxic substances. So you select the water filter that is capable of removing the likely contaminants from your water source.
  • Flow rate of the filtration: Before you purchase a whole house water filter, it is essential to know the flow rate of the filter. The flow rate is the amount of water that can run through the water filter per time (in minutes). And the flow rate of your filter will determine the amount of water you get from the water filter per minute. Therefore, you should pick a water filter that dispenses as much water within the shortest time possible without compromising filtration.
  • Size of the filter: There are various sizes of whole house water filters available. A large filter can service high water supply and have a long service life. Nevertheless, you will need to know the location of your water filter before considering the size.
  • NSF certification: Great whole house water filters are certified by NSF. This is because they comply with quality standards and specifications.

How Are Whole House Water Filters Different From Other Types Of Filtration Systems?

It was reported by North Dakota State University that the major home filtration products are sediment filters, activated carbon filters, and mixed media.

Most home water filters employ one or a combination of the these filters and they are mostly used because of their efficiency and range of use when compared to other types of filter.

For instance, while reverse osmosis, one of the most widely used filtration systems, is convenient and effective for water filtration, it is used only at the point of use, specifically under the sink.

This means that every other source of water in the house is not filtered. Also, it is more costly to have the reverse osmosis filtration systems installed at every nook of your house than having a single filtration system.

Apart from the points mentioned above, whole house water filtration systems have high flow rates (thousands of gallons of water per day). In general, a whole house water filter reduces cost, is easy to maintain, and has lower maintenance.

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Where To Buy The Best Whole House Water Filter?

There are many outlets—both online and offline—that sell whole house water filters. However, it is important that when you want to buy your water filter, you should look for a place that sells quality whole house water filters.

In my opinion, Amazon is a great market to find a whole house water filter because you can choose from a variety of products, and read an extensive amount of customer reviews.

Amazon also has a great return policy, and shipping is usually very fast…sometimes free.

What Are The Best Whole House Water Filters?

Aquasana Whole House Water Filter (My #1 Top Choice)

Aquasana is one of the best and smartest whole house water filters on the market.

It is an intelligent system that uses innovative Scale Control Media (SCM) which is a cartridge that conditions and filters your water.

The SCM prevents scale formation and corrosion of your water pipes…extending the life of your plumbing.

The water system is designed to remove 97% chlorine and heavy metals such as lead, mercury, nickel as well as organic chemicals like pesticides.

The Aquasana has ultraviolet light filtration that can kill almost 100% of the viruses found in water. The water from this filter system is pristine clear, has good taste, and is odorless. In addition, the whole house water filter uses a dual-tank system, which makes the filter absorb the contaminants and removes them quickly.


  • Removes 97% of chlorine found in regular tap water
  • Smarter and dual tank design
  • Uses ultraviolet filtration to kill microbes
  • Easy installation and high durability


  • The component is large
  • It is expensive

iSpring 3-Stage Whole House Water Filter System

This is another great whole house water filtration system.

With this water filter, there is little or no clogging or pressure loss.

It is a three-stage water filter that combines the efficiency of a sediment filter and carbon filter for maximum removal of contaminants and a longer filter lifespan.

The first stage holds a 5-micron highly efficient sediment filter that removes dirt and big-sized particles that can clog the filter system.

The second and third stage hold 5-micron coconut shell carbon block filters that remove more than 90% of the chlorine in the water and also remove organic chemicals which are dangerous to your health.

The iSpring Whole House Water Filter can filter as high as 100,000 gallons in 12 months with a water pressure level up to 15 gallons per minute.


  • 100,000 gallon capacity for one complete year
  • Maximum clogging prevention
  • Maximum filtration system
  • Three filter cartridges present
  • Retains healthy minerals found in water
  • Minimum pressure loss


  • Requires water softener
  • May be too big for small space

EcoPure Universal Large Capacity Whole House Water Filter System

The EcoPure whole house water filter is one of the cheapest whole house water filters but yet possesses a great filtration capacity.

It is NSF certified for its durability and uses uses an open sump system which reduces chlorine to the smallest levels…and eliminates sediment, sand, rust, and odors leaving your water pure and healthy.

The water filter is designed for easy installation and maintenance, EcoPure and the cartridges can easily be replaced.

The manufacturer of this filter system, EcoPure, has been one of the leading providers of cleaner water since 1925.


  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Flexible filter choice
  • NSF certified for high durability and quality
  • Low price


  • Only 30 gallons of water in 3 months
  • Susceptible to clogging

DuPoint Universal Whole House Water Filter System

It is important that DuPoint makes our list because of its flexible usage, quality and cost. Designed for easy use and maintenance, this filter system can be used in your office, home, and wherever you need it.

It has the capacity of filtering up to 15,000 gallons, removing sediments and other contaminants. Featuring the universal 500 series poly block cartridge, DuPoint water filter can be used for a long time while improving the quality of the water in your home or office.


  • Uses standard ¾ inch inlet and outlets
  • Gives water good taste and removes any odor
  • Not too cost
  • Flexible use, both at home and office
  • It can be fitted with other brands of whole house water filters


  • Only one-stage filtration system
  • Clogging may occur

Culligan Whole House Water Filter System

The Culligan water filter was built not only for improving the quality of water in your home, but also for protecting all of your appliances that come in contact with your water.

While it reduces dirt, sediment, bad taste, and odor, it also eliminates scale and corrosive chemicals that harm your appliances rust.

Featuring a mounting bracket, stainless steel reinforced inlet and outlet connectors, the structural integrity of the filter is top notch.

Also, it has a bypass shut-off valve to ensure that water still runs through your home whenever the filter is under maintenance.


  • Features bypass shut-off valve
  • Uses stainless steel material to prevent corrosion
  • Efficient removal of odor and taste
  • Good flow rate and no clogging


  • It requires a battery
  • It is heavy duty

Our Top Pick: Aquasana Whole House Water Filter System

If you have been paying attention all along, it is no surprise that our top pick is the Aquasana Whole House Water Filter.

Among all the whole house water filter available today, this is one of the uniquely designed water filters. Here is why it is our top pick…

1. Large Capacity for Contaminant Removal and Easy Installation

Aquasana water filter has the capacity to remove 97% of chlorine and all other unwanted, dangerous chemicals. It can also remove organic chemical and solvents found in appliances. Because water from this filter is devoid of these chemicals, it makes your skin smoother and well-moisturized. It prevents skin rashes or or hair damage.

  • 97% chlorine removal
  • Makes hair much healthier and moisturizes skin
  • Leaves your appliances clean and neat
  • Easy to install

2. Chef’s Companion

Aquasana water filter is called a chef’s companion because water from this filter gives your food much better flavor, makes cooking faster, and improves the quality of your kitchen life. It is a smart water filtration system that removes minerals that are dangerous to health and leaves healthy minerals that add to the quality and taste of your food.

  • Faster cooking time
  • Removes bad taste and odor in water
  • Adds flavor to your food

3. Ultraviolet Filtration System

This filtration system is very powerful and can remove almost all the viruses and bacteria present in water. It prevents the formation of scales and removes corrosive elements that can reduce longevity of your appliances that come in contact with water.

  • Prevents rusting of appliances
  • No clogging or scales buildup
  • Removes almost 100% bacteria and viruses.

Whether you are a chef or someone who enjoys cooking good food or perhaps for the sake of your health, the Aquasana Whole House Water Filter System is all you have been waiting for.

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