How To Clean Toto Washlets? (7 Step Guide)

Want to know how to clean your Toto washlet?

Cleaning Toto washlets just requires a little bit of elbow grease, a damp soft cloth, and a flatheat screwdriver.

In this guide, I will go over...

  • How to clean the main washlet unit
  • How to clean the retractable wand
  • And how to clean the drain valve

Let's get started with this guide!

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How To Clean Your Toto Washlet?

Toto bidet washlets are amazing toilet devices, but they do require periodic cleaning and maintenance. If you don't regularly clean your Toto washlet, it can lower performance, reduce water pressure, and even create an unsanitary toilet. If you ever wondered how to clean a Toto washlet, this guide is for you.

When cleaning a Toto washlet, the first step is always to remove the power plug. The last thing you want to do is get electrocuted cleaning a toilet! And Toto recommends using a soft damp cloth for cleaning all Toto parts. You can simply soak the soft cloth in water and wring it out thoroughly. 

Or you can use a diluted and a PH neutral cleaner, just make sure it isn't anything harsh. You also want to avoid abrasive sponges and pads or even using paper products. Even the vapors from a harsh cleaner may damage the washlet. Most Toto components are recommended to be cleaned monthly, but the main Toto unit should be cleaned daily.

If you haven't bought a Toto yet, you may want to check out my article on the best Toto washlets with one piece toiletsThese Toto washlets are integrated into the toilet so there isn't an ugly water supply hose that is clearly visible.

In the rest of this article, I will provide the detailed steps on cleaning the various components of Toto washlets.

Cleaning Schedule


  • The main washlet unit


  • Electrical power plug
  • Deodorizing filter (if notice bad odor)
  • In-between toilet and washlet
  • In-between lid and seat
  • The wand (if dirty)


  • Water filter drain valve (if water pressure decreases)

#1. Clean The Power Plug

Toto recommends to clean the power plug every month.

Any dust or debris on the plug and blades may damage the Toto washlet. Simply remove the power plug, and clean the blades with a dry cloth. Do not use a wet cloth to clean the plug.

#2. Clean The Toto Washlet (Main Unit)

Toto recommends cleaning the washlet daily with a soft cloth.

Do not use a dry cloth, scrubbing pad, or anything harsh. Remove the power plug from the washlet.

After soaking a soft cloth, thoroughly ring it out so it is damp, and clean the Toto washlet. If the Washlet is heavily dirty, you can use a neutral and diluted kitchen cleaner. Don't use any type of harsh and acidic cleaner that may damage the unit.

After you cleaned the Toto Washlet, leave the toilet seat up, and allow it to dry.

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#3. Clean The Deodorizing Filter

The deodorizing filter helps remove odors each time you use a Toto washlet.

It is recommended that you clean the deodorizing filter monthly or when you notice any bad odors. The tool that Toto recommends using is a toothbrush.

Simply locate the filter knob and carefully pull it outward. And now clean it with the toothbrush. 

If you want to also clean it with water, you must wait until it dries before installation.

After cleaning the filter, reinsert it into the slot until a click is heard. Insert the plug back into the outlet until the power LED lights up again.

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#4. Clean In-Between Toilet & Washlet

Just like with a regular toilet, the dirtiest part is in-between the toilet bowl and the lid.

Toto recommends cleaning this area at least once a month.

And just like a regular toilet, to properly clean this area, you will have to remove the seat or washlet from the main toilet.

Just as with all cleaning routines, first unplug the washlet from the outlet. The next step is to remove the washlet by pressing the removal button on the right side, and gently pulling the washlet towards you at the same time.

Remember to remove the washlet gently because the water hose is still connected. Now you can clean the top of the toilet as well as under the washlet. Don't use any harsh cleaners, use a neutral and diluted kitchen detergent with a soft cloth.

Now you can reinstall the main unit by centering it on the toilet, and inserting it until an audible click is heard. Reinstall the electrical cord until the LED lights up, signifying power.

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#5. Clean In-Between The Lid And Seat

The area in-between the lid and the seat can also become dirty. Toto recommends cleaning this area monthly. As always, first unplug the washlet from the electrical outlet.

Pull outward on one side of the lid to unseat the pin from the hinge, and pull the lid up. And now pull out on the other side to remove that pin from the hinge, and then pull the lid up and off.

Wipe the lid with a damp soft cloth (thoroughly wrung out) and avoid harsh cleaners.

To reinstall the lid, do the reverse for installation. Insert one pin into the recess hinge on on side, and then do the other side. Open and close the lid a few times to make sure it is correctly installed.

Plug in the washlet back into the electrical outlet.

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#6. Cleaning The Wand

The wand is the retractable portion of the washlet that shoots out water and performs the bidet function. Toto recommends cleaning the wand monthly if you notice debris.

There is a cleaning mode for the wand which you can activate through the remote. On the remote, select Menu, and then go to Cleaning, and then select Wand Cleaning. The wand will extend into the bowl and shoot out water.

And while it is shooting out water, clean the wand with a soft cloth. After cleaning, you can hit Stop on the remote. The wand will also automatically retract after five minutes.

#7. Clean The Water Filter Drain Valve

Toto recommends cleaning the water filter drain valve every 6-months and when you notice a decrease of water pressure. (If you have low water pressure throughout your entire home, check out my full guide on water pressure booster pumps.) 

The first step is to turn off the water supply valve. If you have a normal stop valve, you will have to turn the valve clockwise to shutoff the water. If you have a pull-stop water valve, you will have to pull out the circular handle to shutoff the water supply.

After shutting off the water, you will want to activate the wand in order to release the water in the washlet. Using the remote, select Menu, and then Cleaning, and then select Wand Cleaning.

The wand will retract and shoot out water. Hit enter on the remote, and the wand will retract. Now you can unplug the washlet from the electrical outlet.

Using a flathead screwdriver, remove the filter drain cover on the left rear side of the washlet. And turning counter-clockwise, loosen and pull out the filter drain valve.

Clean any debris from inside the filter drain with a toothbrush.

Reinstall the drain valve and the cover. Reinstall the the power plug until the LED lights up. And now you can turn the water supply back on.

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Final Thoughts

Toto washlets are great products, but unfortunately they do require regular cleaning to keep it sanitary and performing properly.

The most regular cleaning will be just wiping down the main washlet unit with a damp soft cloth every other day. Most of the other cleaning routines will be done monthly or when you notice debris or a drop in water pressure.

And don't forget to avoid using any time of harsh cleaners. If you want to use a cleaner, Toto recommends using a diluted and neutral kitchen cleaner. If you use a highly acidic or harsh cleaner, you may damage the plastic and even cause cracking. Even the vapors of a harsh cleaner can damage the unit.

And on top of everything, you want to make sure to always unplug the Toto washlet prior to any cleaning step so you don't get electrocuted or damage the washlet. Even though GFCIs play a key role in stopping electrocutions, they don't work 100% of the time.

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