Top 5 Best Battery Backup Sump Pumps (2024 Review)

Want to find the best battery backup sump pump?

These emergency pump systems will activate if your power goes out or if your main sump pump fails.

In this guide, I will go over...

  • My #1 top pick for the best battery backup sump pump system
  • How it works
  • The type of battery

Let's get started with this guide!

top best rated battery backup sump pump reviews

Wayne ESP25
  • Alarm
  • Cast Iron Base
  • LED Display
  • Alarm
  • Cast Iron Base
  • LED Display
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Basement Watchdog
  • LED Display
  • Alarm
  • 2000-gph
  • LED Display
  • Alarm
  • 2000-gph
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Liberty Pumps 441
  • Check Valve
  • Case Strap
  • Easier Install
  • Check Valve
  • Case Strap
  • Easier Install
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Zoeller 508-0006
  • Two Pumps
  • Pre-Assembled
  • Alarm
  • Two Pumps
  • Pre-Assembled
  • Alarm
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PumpSpy PS2000
  • WiFi
  • 24/7 Alerts
  • Real Time Info
  • WiFi
  • 24/7 Alerts
  • Real Time Info
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My Overall #1 Rated Pick

  • Audible activity alarm
  • Cast iron base
  • LED display on case
  • 2700-gph at 0'

My overall top pick for the best battery backup sump pump system goes to the Wayne ESP25. This backup pump has a cast iron base and its housing is made of epoxy steel for maximum durability. There is an LED display on the case to give you pumping and battery information. The built in audible alarm will alert you when the pump is active.

Top 5 Best Battery Backup Sump Pump

Are you in a hurry? Check out our top 5 battery backup sump pumps! Keep reading to learn about each pick and frequently asked questions.

  1. Wayne ESP25
  2. Basement Watchdog BWE
  3. Liberty Pumps 441
  4. Zoeller 508-0006 
  5. PumpSpy PS2000

What Is A Battery Backup Sump Pump?

A battery backup sump pump is a basically a secondary or emergency sump pump together with a battery.

If your power goes out during a storm, and the water rises in your sump, the backup sump pump will activate and prevent basement flooding. Also, even if you still have power, but if your main sump pump fails to operate, the backup sump pump will turn on and save the day.

Another scenario is if there is significant amount of rain, and your main sump pump can't handle all of the water, then your backup will operate as well.

The backup sump pump is generally installed at least 6-inches above the main sump pump. The emergency sump pump has a totally separate intake pipe, but at some point above the pump, the discharge pipe usually merges with the discharge of the main pump.

And even though the main pump uses 110-volts of electricity (plugged into a basement outlet), the backup sump pump uses 12-volts because it uses battery current.

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Alarm System

One feature that you should always want in a battery backup system is an alarm system.

The most basic alarm is a loud siren type of sound that activates when the backup sump pump is working.

You want to be alerted when the backup is running so you can know what's going on, and you may be able to get the main sump pump working again.

Some backup sump pump systems also allow you to tie the sump alarm to your home alarm system.

There are also WiFi connected sump pump systems on the market such as the PumpSpy backup system that will notify through their free app (as well as other diagnostic info).

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How To Choose Backup Sump Pump Capacity?

The pumping capacity of your backup sump pump should ideally match the primary sump pump.

There are two main ratings for sump pumps that determine capacity, and that is the horsepower and GPH. The average sized home will have a 1/3-hp sump pump motor. If your property has a high water table, or is at the bottom of a hill, you may want to get a stronger motor such as 1/2-hp.

Another rating used for sump pump capacity is the amount of water it can pump within an hour. The GPH rating stands for gallons per hour, and it will usually be in the 1000 to 3000 GPH range.

Manufacturers will also tell you the GPH based on vertical life. If the pump is 2000-GPM based on 0' (just out of the pump, no vertical piping), then it will probably be around 1000-GPM with 10' of vertical rise.

Calculating required sump pump capacity can be a complicated topic because you want to factor in the total discharge pipe length, the vertical rise and horizontal length. But you also want to consider the size of your sump pit (diameter), how quickly the pit fills up with water during storm events, and other considerations. 

Basically, you don't want a pump that is too weak and won't keep up with the water filling up your sump pit. But you also don't want a pump that is too powerful because it will cause the pump to short cycle which means constantly turning on and off.  Short cycling can cause premature pump failure.

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What Type Of Battery For A Sump Pump?

Emergency sump pumps need to be connected to a battery which will power the pump if the power goes out.

Most battery backup sump pump systems that you can buy do not come with the battery itself — it is purchased separately.

You can't just use a standard car battery for a backup sump pump. Batteries for cars are designed to provide a powerful and fast current just to start your car — and then the battery stops sending electricity.

For a sump pump, you need sustained and even power potentially over many hours.

A deep-cycle or marine battery is the type of battery recommended for backup sump pumps. These marine batteries are rated in amp hours, and this rating will tell you how many amps it can deliver in a 20-hour period.

If the battery is rated at 90-ah, then this means that it will deliver 4.5 amps per hour for a 20-hour length of time. You may want to check with your pump manufacturer if they have a specific AH rating for the battery or any other recommendations. Also, some manufacturers recommend purchasing their own battery designed to be used with their backup system.

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top best rated battery backup sump pump reviews (1)

Reviews of the Best Battery Backup Sump Pumps

Here are my top picks for best battery backup sump pumps with their pros and cons...

My #1 top pick is the Wayne ESP25 battery backup sump pump is a top rated emergency power system for your sump.

This new and upgraded wayne system has a cast iron base and an epoxy steel body for durability and peace of mind. It includes a built-in audible alarm that notifies you when the backup system is active.

The actual battery is not included in this system, but Wayne recommends a 75 amp hour battery, and the protective battery case is included. The ESP25 is rated at 1680-gph at 10-feet of vertical lift, 2700-gph at 0-feet. This backup pump can pump up to 10,000 gallons of water on a single charge.

  • Audible activity alarm
  • Cast-iron base
  • LED display on case
  • Poor quality battery charger

The Basement Watchdog BWE system includes the pump, charger, controller, switch, and battery box (battery sold separately).

The BWE will start pumping once the main pump has failed or when the power goes out (and main float is activated).

It will also signal an audible alarm when it turns on with an indicator LED, and telling you the corrective action that may be needed. This battery backup sump pump is rated at 2,000-gph at 0' and 1,000-gph at 10'.

  • Audible alarm
  • Corrective action LED
  • 2000-gph at 0'
  • Requires proprietary parts
  • Ongoing maintenance
  • Low powered pump

The Liberty Pumps 441 battery backup system includes a 12-volt pump, battery case (battery not included) and strap, float switch, check valve, tee, and bushings.

This sump pump backup system is meant to be used with a marine deep-cycle battery, and it will turn on anytime the main pump fails to operate or if its separate float rises.

It includes an easy to connect terminal block and many of the plumbing connections for an simpler install. This battery backup sump pump is made to be used together with a 120-volt primary sump pump.

  • Includes check valve and tee
  • Battery case strap
  • Easier installation
  • Low powered pump (no GPH rating)
  • Plastic housing

This Zoeller battery backup sump pump has everything you need pre-assembled for your sump pit (minus the actual battery).

It includes the main cast iron sump pump, backup sump pump, charger, controller, and battery box. The system is fitted with 1-1/2" PVC piping that is completely pre-assembled — you just have to drop it in your pit and connect the piping and battery.

The Zoeller controller also has an alarm system, indicator LEDs, and a warning system.

  • Two sump pumps
  • Pre-assembled
  • Alarm & warning systems
  • Cheap check valves

The PumpSpy battery backup sump pump is an advanced emergency sump system for your home.

Your main sump pump plugs into the PumpSpy plug, and it connects to WiFi to send you alerts straight to your phone.

PumpSpy also performs systems testing at least 3x each week. This system works together with any 120-volt main sump pump. It is rated at 2400-gph at 10' of lift. Battery is not included.

  • WiFi connected 
  • 24/7 alerts
  • Real time pump information
  • App is not user friendly

My #1 Top Pick: Wayne ESP25

My top pick for the best battery backup sump pump goes to the Wayne ESP25. Here's why...

#1. Durability

This backup pump has a cast iron base and its housing is made from epoxy steel for a highly durable backup pump that should last for years.

#2. Alarm System

This system has a clearly audible alarm to let you know when the backup sump pump is working and there has a been a main pump failure.

#3. LED Indicators

The LED display on the battery case will tell you about the battery status and let you know if there's a problem.

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