Top 5 Best Low Profile Ceiling Fans (2023 Review)

Do you need a ceiling fan for an indoor room but the ceiling height is low?

Low profile 'hugger' ceiling fans have a much smaller depth than a standard ceiling fan.

They usually hang just 10-inches or less from the ceiling and are perfect for low ceiling rooms.

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These ceiling fans usually come with a light, and they can be controlled with either a remote control, wall switch, or pull chain.

In this guide, we will go over...

  • Our #1 top pick for low profile ceiling fan
  • A few tips on choosing the top hugger fan
  • Our detailed reviews with pros and cons

Keep reading to learn about our favorite pick and to see our buyer's guide!

1. Hunter Dempsey
  • Dimmable LED
  • Reversible Motor
  • Remote
  • Dimmable LED
  • Reversible Motor
  • Remote
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2. Harbor Breeze Mazon
  • Remote (& wall mount)
  • 14-Watt Dimmable LED
  • Reversible Blades
  • Remote (& wall mount)
  • 14-Watt Dimmable LED
  • Reversible Blades
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3. Emerson Prima
  • 4-Speeds
  • Dark Cherry Color
  • Low Profile
  • 4-Speeds
  • Dark Cherry Color
  • Low Profile
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4. Casa Elite Modern
  • White Color
  • Low Profile
  • Dimmable Light
  • White Color
  • Low Profile
  • Dimmable Light
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5. Hunter Crestfield
  • Reversible Motor
  • Pull Chain Control
  • Low Profile
  • Reversible Motor
  • Pull Chain Control
  • Low Profile
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Our Overall #1 Rated Pick

Hunter Dempsey

Updated On January 6, 2023

  • Flush mount for rooms with low ceilings
  • Universal remote control
  • Dimmable LED light
  • Reversible fan motor for warm and cold season

Our favorite pick for the best flush mount ceiling fan goes to the Dempsey by Hunter because it was expertly designed for low ceiling indoor rooms. It includes a dimmable LED light, remote control, and the fan motor is reversible so you can make a downdraft (for warm season) or updraft (for cold season) at any time.

Our List of Highly Rated Flush Mount Ceiling Fans

Are you in a hurry? Check out our top 5 low profile ceiling fans below! Keep reading to learn the details on each top pick and for our buyer's guide.

  1. Hunter Dempsey Brushed Nickel Small Ceiling Fan With Light 
  2. Harbor Breeze Mazon Ceiling Fan With Light Flush Mount
  3. Emerson Prima Snugger Brushed Steel Flush Ceiling Fan With Wall Control
  4. Casa Vieja Elite Industrial Flush Mount Ceiling Fan With Light
  5. Hunter Crestfield Ceiling Fan For Low Ceilings

Flush Mount Ceiling Fans Have Downrods Of Only A Few Inches

A low profile ceiling fan is designed for a low ceiling room. 

It is also called flush mount because it is installed much closer to the ceiling than a standard ceiling fan.

Average ceiling fans have a longer downrod which suspends the fan motor and blades on the order of 1-3 feet which allows it to rest at a much lower level from the ceiling. These hugger ceiling fans however have a downrod on the order of a few inches (or don't have a downrod at all).

Average Dimension is 8-12 Inches From Ceiling

Hugger fans typically have a measurement of only 8-12 inches from the ceiling to the bottom of the fan. The main value of these low profile ceiling fans is for rooms with low ceilings — such as 8-9 feet or less.

Other than their low profile design, they are basically the same ceiling fans with their own additional options, features, and benefits.

And one of the largest benefits of custom ceiling fans for low ceilings is that you will be able to raise your thermostat around 4-degrees with no reduction in comfort just by using ceiling fans for cooling.

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Control Options Include Pull Chain, Remote, Or Wall Switch

Low profile ceiling fans are controlled with either a pull chain, remote control, or a wall switch.

Pull Chain

The most common control option for low profile ceiling fans is the pull chain. This is a metal chain that hangs from the fan motor. One gentle pull will turn the fan on.

A second and third pull will usually put it into medium and then high speed. A fourth pull will turn the ceiling fan off.

Remote Control

Another common control option is the remote control which provides convenience without noise such as from a pull chain.

Most of the time, the remote control will fit snugly into a wall cradle. These remotes are connected to receivers which are in the canopies of ceiling fans. The canopy is the portion of the ceiling fan that is flush against the wall.

When you install the hugger ceiling fan, you will have to follow the manual to pair the remote with the receiver — usually by pressing a few buttons in particular sequence.

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top best low profile ceiling fan reviews (2)

It is a good idea to verify whether your ceiling fan comes with a remote and cradle because some models do not have them included. You can buy a separate universal remote for the ceiling fan however.

Remove Control Interference Can Cause Problems

One common issue among homeowners is having trouble turning the fan on and off with the remote. It may have to do with the particular location of the receiver (inside the fan canopy) or you may actually have interference from a different device such as your television receiver and remote.

You may want to research if your particular fan model has any problems with remote receiver issues prior to purchase.

Wall Switch

If the ceiling fan doesn't have a pull chain or remote, there is only one last option, and that is by using a wall switch.

You can install a simple single wall switch but this will only turn the fan onto a fixed speed (change the speed on the fan motor switch).

But there are wall switches that have have multiple speeds built into the switch.

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Install Energy Efficient LED Bulbs And Make Sure It Is Bright Enough

Homeowners should pick low profile ceiling fans that have bright and energy-efficient lighting. Low profile ceiling fans typically come with lighting such as LED light bulbs. 

We recommend buying a ceiling fan that includes LED light bulbs for energy efficiency. In fact, LED bulbs can create light 90% more efficiently than standard incandescent bulbs.

Low Brightness Is Common Complaint

A common complaint among homeowners is that the ceiling fan light isn't bright enough.

Sometimes the ceiling fan light cover obscures the light regardless of how bright of a bulb you install. So if lighting is very important to you, make sure to find a low profile ceiling fan that has good lighting characteristics.

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Premium Flush Mount Ceiling Fans Reviewed

My #1 top pick goes to the Hunter Dempsey low profile ceiling fan. The Dempsey is a quality ceiling fan that is great for bedrooms, living rooms, or any interior with a low ceiling.

The Dempsey includes an LED light that will last significantly longer than a normal bulb—and the light is also dimmable. It includes a universal remote so that you can control the ceiling fan and light from where you are.

This ceiling can change motor (blade) direction so that it produces an updraft in winter, and a downdraft in summer.

  • Designed for low ceilings
  • Dimmable LED light
  • Reversable fan direction
  • Quiet & wobble-free
  • Low LED brightness
  • No pull chain

The Harbor Breeze Mazon is an elegant ceiling fan for rooms with low ceilings.

This low profile ceiling fan comes with a 18-watt LED light panel behind matte opal glass — the light is dimmable.

The fan measures at 44-inches and is great for rooms up to about 100-sf. Fan direction is also reversible so you can produce an updraft during the cold season. The fan is 3-speeds and includes a remote (with wall mount) for the fan and light.

  • Good for low ceilings
  • 14-watt dimmable LED light
  • Includes remote with wall mount
  • Reversible fan blades
  • Makes a humming noise
  • Remote control issues
  • Complaints of low fan speed

The Prima Snugger by Emerson is a stylish fan with a snugger style mount —and it's probably the lowest profile ceiling fan out of my picks.

It includes a wall control with four separate speeds, remote control can be purchased separately. This ceiling fan has reversible fan blades so that it can produce an updraft in the colder months.

The  rating for this fan is 5415-cfm and it is 52-inches in length. The fan blades are colored dark cherry.

  • Good for low ceilings
  • Reversible fan blades
  • 5415-cfm fan speed
  • Difficult install
  • No pull chain

The Elite Modern by Casa is a stylish low profile hugger-type ceiling fan for any medium sized room.

It measures only 9-inches from the high blade to the ceiling.

The Elite Modern comes with an energy efficient 15-watt LED light with a matte opal glass dome.

The motor has a brushed nickel finish, and the blades have a silver finish.

The hand held remote includes on/off and a dimmer light control.

  • Energy efficient 15-watt light
  • Brushed nickel finish motor
  • Four silver-finished blades
  • Hand held remote included
  • Dome filters light to low
  • Noisy on high speed

The Crestfield by Hunter Fan Company is a premium ceiling fan that is perfect for a low profile installation.

It comes with dimmable LED lights—lasting much longer than standard bulbs and fully controlled lighting.

The fan motor is totally reversible so you can easily create an updraft during the cold season without messing with blades. The Crestfield also has a nice pull chain for easy control.

It measures 52" x 52" x 15" and fits great in rooms with ceilings less than 9-ft.

  • Hugger style ceiling fan (less than 9-ft ceilings)
  • Fan motor is reversible
  • Pull chain control
  • No remote
  • Difficult installation

Our #1 Top Pick: Hunter Dempsey Brushed Nickel Small Ceiling Fan With Light

Our top rated pick for low profile ceiling fans goes to the Dempsey by Hunter Fan Company. Here are few reasons below.

#1. Small Ceiling Style

This ceiling fan is known as a hugger or low profile fan because it installs very close to the ceiling—great for rooms with ceilings less than 9-ft.

#2. Universal Remote

It includes a remote so you can control this fan from anywhere in the room.

#3. Dimmable LED light

The Dempsey includes a dimmable LED light for energy efficiency and total lighting control.

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