Top 5 Best High CFM Ceiling Fans (2024 Review)

Are you interested in finding the best high CFM ceiling fan for a large room?

In this product review, we'll go over...

  • My #1 top pick for the highest CFM ceiling fan
  • Tips on picking the right one
  • Overview of installation
  • And more!
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The highest CFM ceiling fans come in between 5k to 10k as their CFM rating, can move a lot of air, and are geared towards the residential market.

These high airflow ceiling fans are perfect for rooms that are 400 square feet or larger such as great rooms, lofts, basements, and other big spaces.

Check out the top picks below for the best high cfm ceiling fans or keep on reading to see our buyer's guide!

Home Decorators Kensgrove
  • 10,484-cfm
  • Indoor/Outdoor
  • Dimmable LED
  • 10,484-cfm
  • Indoor/Outdoor
  • Dimmable LED
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Honeywell Xerxes
  • Rooms 400-SF or Greater
  • Includes Remote
  • 8 Fan Blades
  • Rooms 400-SF or Greater
  • Includes Remote
  • 8 Fan Blades
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Honeywell Phelix
  • Rooms 400-SF or Greater
  • Branched LEDs
  • Brushed Nickel
  • Rooms 400-SF or Greater
  • Branched LEDs
  • Brushed Nickel
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Westinghouse Lighting Cayuga
  • 6,098-cfm
  • Off-Center Blades
  • Remote Included
  • 6,098-cfm
  • Off-Center Blades
  • Remote Included
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Progress Lighting Glandon
  • 5,388-cfm
  • Dimmable LED
  • Dual Installation
  • 5,388-cfm
  • Dimmable LED
  • Dual Installation
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My Overall #1 Rated Pick

  • High 10,484-CFM for max air flow
  • 72-inch fan diameter
  • Indoor or outdoor use
  • 9 fan speeds
  • 14-watt dimmable LED

My top pick for the highest CFM ceiling fan goes to the Kensgrove by Home Decorators. It has a very high CFM rating of 10,484 which can cool/ventilate your largest room that is 400-sf or larger. It also has a lot of flexibility with 9 fan speeds and an included remote control. The central light is an energy efficient 14-watt LED light that is dimmable. The Kensgrove is rated for indoor or outdoor use.

What Are The Highest CFM Ceiling Fans?

The strongest CFM ceiling fans typically mean that the CFM rating is 6,000-CFM to around 10,000-CFM. High airflow ceiling fans are designed to fit into residential or retail spaces and usually include lights.

These powerful ceiling fans are great for residential rooms that are 400 square feet or greater such a living rooms, basements, dens, offices, and other big spaces.

Average CFM ceiling fans are typically in the 4,000-CFM range and are perfect for smaller rooms such as 150-300 square feet.

Any ceiling fan that is much greater than 10,000-CFM is usually reserved for very large commercial spaces such as warehouses, factories, and shops. Industrial ceiling fans don't typically include lights and are designed to blend into commercial work spaces.

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How Do The Most Powerful Ceiling Fans Work?

High CFM ceiling fans usually have a larger diameter (but not always), and they are designed differently to push more air.

These ceiling fans will have at least one design aspect that is different than a traditional lower CFM ceiling fan. Things like...

  • Higher Number of Blades: The more blades equals more airflow. 
  • Longer Fan Blades: The longer the fan blades, the more air it can push.
  • Powerful Motor: All things being equal, if the motor is more powerful, it will reach a greater CFM.
  • Blade Pitch: If the fan blades are pitched at a steeper angle, it will push more air.

How To Pick Ceiling Fans That Move The Most Air?

1. CFM Rating

CFM stands for cubic feet per minute and it is a measurement of how much air the fan can move in 60-seconds.

If you are comparing between two ceiling fans, and you want the highest airflow, then pick the fan with the greater CFM rating. The most powerful ceiling fans for retail or residential spaces are typically around 6,000-CFM to 10,000-CFM.

The advertised CFM is usually just for the high speed setting. CFM is the only standardized way to compare ceiling fans since it is tested in a laboratory setting.

Unfortunately not every manufacturer has a CFM rating for the ceiling fan, so the only other way to size it is to follow their recommended room size.

2. Room Size

Comparing CFM is important for ceiling fans, but it is essential to also look at the recommended room size from the manufacturer.

Most high CFM ceiling fans will have minimum room sizes of 20-ft by 20-ft or larger. The ceiling fan may also have height requirements such as 10-feet or greater especially if it is a wide span ceiling fan with a 60-inch+ diameter.

3. Ceiling Fan Diameter & Blades

When all things are equal, if you want a fan to move more air, the greater the diameter and number of blades will allow the ceiling fan to reach a higher CFM.

Ceiling fans that are 52 inches or more should be used in larger rooms according to due to their higher CFM. Pretty much all of my high CFM ceiling fan picks are greater than 50-inches, and my top pick is 72-inches in diameter.

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top rated best high cfm ceiling fan for large room reviews

4. Downrod Size

The downrod is another factor that can increase the airflow or CFM of the ceiling fan.

The closer the ceiling fan is installed to the ceiling, the less airflow there will be. Ceilings will obstruct and interfere with airflow preventing maximized CFM. Try to go with the longest downrod you can get as long as there is safe head clearance from occupants.

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What Are The Different Types of High Airflow Ceiling Fans?

6+ Fan Blades

The most common type of ceiling fan that moves the most air has 6 to 10 fan blades in order to reach the high CFM rating.

The more fan blades allow the ceiling fan to actually run at a lower speed but to move a greater volume of air. These types of ceiling fans are also known as HVLS or high-volume and low-speed.

Tri Blades

Tri blades ceiling fans only have 3 fan blades but can still have a very high CFM rating.

In order to reach higher CFM, the motor will need to be more powerful, and it will have to turn the blades at a faster RPM or velocity. A tri blade ceiling fan will likely be louder than a larger 6+ blade ceiling fan due to the higher speed.

Indoor Or Outdoor Rated

Some high velocity ceiling fans will also be outdoor or damp-rated which means you can install it outside under a cover. These are great for patios, garages, or other spaces that will be exposed to outdoor moist air.

LED Lights

Almost all of the highest CFM ceiling fans come with an LED light. It may just be a single globe, or it may be a branched tri-light. The light will either be composed of LED light bulbs, or it may be an integrated LED chip panel.

The wattage of the light will likely be in the 10-watt to 30-watt range. The manufacturer may also state the brightness in Lumens as well as the color warmth in Kelvin.

Fan Speeds

Most ceiling fans just come with the standard 3 speed option, but other ceiling fans can go as high as 10 different fan speeds. More fan speeds mean you can dial in to how much air flow you want in the room.

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How To Install The Strongest Ceiling Fans?

A high airflow ceiling fan shouldn't be that different than installing a lower powered ceiling fan. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions but here are some of the most common steps for CFM ceiling fan installs:

There are really only a few ways a ceiling fan can be installed. The first is flush mount where it installs on the ceiling without a connecting rod.

  1. Turn Off Power: Shutoff power at breaker box.
  2. Install Outlet Box: The outlet box needs to be rated to support the weight of the ceiling fan. These will typically hold at least 35-lbs or greater. It needs to be secured directly to a joist or structural member.
  3. Install Mounting Bracket: The mounting bracket will need to be secured to the outlet box. The ceiling fan connects directly to the bracket.
  4. Connect Downrod: The downrod will need to be fastened to the mounting bracket. Pull the wiring through the downrod first.
  5. Connect Fan Assembly: Lift and secure fan assembly to bracket. It can usually be twisted in place so you can do the wiring prior to screwing it in.
  6. Wire the Remote Receiver: Connect the house and motor wires to the receiver.
  7. Insert Receiver Into Bracket: Slide the remote receiver into the mounting bracket.
  8. Finish Securing Canopy To Ceiling: Secure the included screws to the canopy.
  9. Attach Bracket Assembly And Blades: Install the bracket assembly and blades to the canopy.
  10. Connect Light Wiring: Fasten motor wiring to the lighting kit. White to white and blue to black. Install the LED light bulbs.
  11. Install Canopy Light Cover: Twist and fasten the canopy light cover.
  12. Mount Transmitter To Wall: Make sure the receiver and remote are set to the same position or it won't work.

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Our Reviews of the Best High CFM Ceiling Fans

Here are my reviews of the highest CFM ceiling fans for large rooms. Check it out below...

The Kensgrove by Home Decorators is a premium ceiling fan with a very high CFM. The CFM is rated at 10,484 and it can move a lot of air with it's 6-foot wide span. This fan is recommended for large rooms at least 400-SF or larger.

This ceiling fan is rated to be installed indoors or outdoors, and it's DC motor has 9 fan speeds.

Like all ceiling fans, it comes with a remote control for the fan and light.

The LED light is 14-watts and it is calibrated to 3000K which is a warm white glow.


  • Very high 10,484-CFM
  • Rated for indoor & outdoor use
  • Remote control for fan and light dimming


  • Blade aesthetics isn't great

Pick #2. Honeywell Xerxes 

The Xerxes by Honeywell is a powerful CFM ceiling fan that is great for large rooms. This Honeywell large room fan is perfect for rooms that are greater than 400-SF.

It comes with eight fan blades that have an over 5-foot span (62-inches). The Xerxes comes with a remote control and the fan has three different speeds.

The integrated LED globe is 1400-lumens and only 18-watts — it is also dimmable. This large room ceiling fan can be installed in three different ceiling positions.


  • Includes remote control
  • LED globe with 1400-lumens
  • Can be mounted in 3 positions


  • CFM is not stated by manufacturer

Pick #3. Honeywell Phelix 

The Phelix by Honeywell is a high quality ceiling fan that is rated for rooms that are larger than 400 square feet. This tri-blade ceiling fan is designed to move a lot of air with its 52-inch span and its lightweight ABS blades.

The light fixture features a branched style that has three separate LED bulbs.

The Phelix has a contemporary style with a chrome body and a brushed nickel finish. It can be installed using either the 4-inch downrod or at an angle.


  • Branched LED light fixture with three separate bulbs
  • Brushed nickel finish


  • Does not come with remote
  • CFM not rated

The Cayuga by Westinghouse Lighting is a really nice ceiling fan that comes with a 6098-CFM rating on high. This ceiling fan will quickly ventilate and cool your room with a 60-inch blade span for rooms that are over 400-SF.

This fan also has a unique look with off-center blade brackets and a brushed nickel finish.

The central frosted glass comes with two dimmable LED bulbs.

This Westinghouse large room ceiling fan comes with 4 fan speeds and an included remote control.


  • 6098-cfm on high
  • Unique blade brackets (off-center design)
  • Opal frosted glass with two dimmable LED bulbs
  • 4 fan speeds and remote included


  • Poor remote quality
  • No wall switch option

The Glandon Collection by Progress Lighting is a powerful ceiling that is rated at 5388-cfm rating on high. This 6-blade (60-inch diameter) ceiling fan comes with reversible fan blades with a Walnut/Driftwood look. The Glandon is excellent for rooms larger than 400 square feet.

It comes with a replaceable LED module that is dimmable and rated at 1400-lumens, an LED bulb is included.

The Glandon Collection comes with a remote control to dim the light and for the 3 fan speeds (you can also use a wall switch that is sold separately). Like other ceiling fans, the Glandon Collection can be installed with the downrod or on a sloped ceiling.


  • 5388-cfm on high
  • Dimmable LED bulb included
  • Remote control


  • Low light output

Our #1 Top Pick: Home Decorators Kensgrove

My overall best rated pick for large room (high cfm) ceiling fans goes to the Kensgrove by Home Decorators. Here's why...

1. High CFM

The Kensgrove is rated at a very high 10,484-CFM which makes it perfect for great rooms or other large areas where ventilation is needed. The minimum size room recommended is 400-SF or larger.

2. Indoor/Outdoor

This ceiling fan is rated for either indoor or outdoor installation so you can install it where you want.

3. Dimmable LED

It comes with a 14-watt dimmable LED light that is operable by the included remote control.

Final Thoughts

I hope you enjoyed this guide from Home Inspector Secrets. Just to recap, in this review we went over:

  • The biggest airflow ceiling fans are between 6k to 10k CFM
  • CFM is the only way to objectively compare ceiling fan air movement
  • Numerous design changes can increase airflow: motor quality, # of fan blades, blade length, downrod size.
  • Follow the room size recommendation of manufacturer
  • Industrial ceiling fans typically have CFMs between 10k and 40k and are perfect for warehouses, factories, shops, and other commercial spaces

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