Top 4 Best Spray Foam Insulation Kits (2023 Review)

Do you want to find the best spray foam insulation kit? 

As a home inspector, I have seen many attics and crawlspaces that had deteriorated and inadequate insulation --- think of insulation from the 1940's. But there is an easier way and it's called spray foam.

In this guide, I will go over...

  • My #1 top pick for the best spray foam insulation kit
  • Closed cell vs open cell
  • Advantages of spray foam insulation kits
  • Best places to apply spray foam insulation
  • And tips on how to use spray foam

Let's get started with this guide!

best spray foam insulation kits

Froth-Pak 210
  • 210 board feet
  • 6.1 R-value
  • Class A Fire Rating
  • 210 board feet
  • 6.1 R-value
  • Class A Fire Rating
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DAP Touch N Seal 600
  • 600 board feet
  • 24 Cans
  • Less Bulky & Waste
  • 600 board feet
  • 24 Cans
  • Less Bulky & Waste
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Seal Spray 600
  • 600 board feet
  • 6.6 R-value
  • Closed Cell
  • 600 board feet
  • 6.6 R-value
  • Closed Cell
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DAP Touch N Seal 200
  • 200 board feet
  • 6.1 R-value
  • 6 Cone Nozzles
  • 200 board feet
  • 6.1 R-value
  • 6 Cone Nozzles
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My Overall #1 Rated Pick

Froth-Pak 210

Updated On January 4, 2023

  • 210 board feet of spray foam
  • Closed cell insulation
  • 6.1 'R-value' at one inch thick
  • Class A fire rated
  • Increase structural strength
  • Reduce noise

Our overall top pick for spray foam insulation kits is made by Froth-Pak. This spray foam kit has an estimated 210 board feet of spray foam at one inch thick. It is closed cell spray foam and has a high 6.1 R-value (at one inch thick). It also has a Class A fire rating.

Top 4 Best Spray Foam Insulation Kits

Only have a minute? Check out our top 4 spray foam insulation kits! Keep reading for the pros and cons of each pick.

  1. Froth-Pak 210 
  2. DAP Touch N' Seal 600
  3. Seal Spray 600
  4. DAP Touch N' Seal 200

What Are Spray Foam Insulation Kits?

If you need to insulate a wall cavity, floor, or crawlspace, then spray foam insulation kits were designed just for you. These insulation kits come with everything you will need to properly insulate an area with polyurethane foam — closed cell or open cell.

Spray foam insulation is extremely effective and a common way to insulate and air seal homes around the country—it can also act as a great moisture barrier.

Expanding foam insulation kits usually come with a gun dispenser, hose, different spray nozzles—and sometimes with safety gear like goggles, masks, and hazard suits.

Most of the spray foam insulation kits on the market come with two chemical tanks—each tank either having isocynate or polyol. When these two chemicals are mixed together, spray foam insulation is the end product. Some types of insulation even turns a particular color when mixed properly.

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How Do You Use A DIY Spray Foam Insulation Kit?

Even though each spray foam kits will have their own idiosyncrasies, many kits are similar in application.  Always follow the manufacturer instructions but here is a rough guide on how to use a spray polyurethane foam kit...

1. Connect hose to tank

One of the first steps is to connect the spray hose to the tank. You may have tighten the  connection with a wrench.

2. Rock the Tanks

With many kits you will have to rock the tank, and then fully open the valves.

3. Purge The Tanks

Now it's time to briefly purge the tank by spraying foam into a waste container. This also allows you to verify the quality of the foam sealant and that its mixed correctly.

4. Verify Temperature

Most foam kits will not spray or cure properly if it is too cold, either the room temperature or the tank temperature. Make sure you are in the temperature parameters of your kit or you may get poor results.

5. Spray Foam

Spray the foam insulation from around 6-inches to 24-inches away from the material. Don't apply the foam too thick, at most apply 2 inches. If you want it to be thicker, it will need to be a separate application. If you don't spray out of the nozzle within a minute or so, you may have to replace the nozzle.

6. Curing Time

The majority of foam kits will cure within a few minutes.

How Well Does Spray Foam Insulation Work?

Foam insulation can reduce energy losses in a home by up to nearly 50%. Foam insulation tends to work better than standard insulation because it is flexible and takes the shape of the cavity.

The majority of energy losses in a home is through air leaks — especially in areas difficult to insulate like attics and crawlspaces.

Also, there are mold resistant qualities to foam insulation unlike traditional fiberglass batts. Foam is largely is inert which means that it isn't a food source for mold. Fiberglass batts have a paper backing which can sometimes be a food source.

Closed cell insulation can also add additional structural integrity to a wall or roof because of its density. And because the foam adheres to the surface, it can add to the resistance of warping and shaking.

Foam insulation will also act as a moisture barrier (much more than standard insulation). This can help protect wood framing from mold growth and deterioration.

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best spray foam insulation kit

Where To Buy Spray Polyurethane Foam Insulation Kits?

The best place to buy foam insulation kits is Amazon, the largest online marketplace. 

With Amazon, you can pick between numerous spray foam kits, and read multiple reviews. Shipping is usually fast, and the return policy is normally quite simple.

The great thing about Amazon is that you can read positive and negative reviews and avoid problems before even buying.

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What Are The Best DIY Spray Foam Insulation Kits?

I have done the research and compiled a list of the best spray foam kits—each with their own set of pros and cons. No spray foam kit is perfect, but here is the list of what I think are the best. Check it out below...

Our overall top pick goes to FROTH-PAK 210 because it is a high-quality spray foam insulation kit that has a 210 board feet coverage area.

Each FROTH-PAK kit comes with six cone spray nozzles, four fan spray nozzles, and a nine foot spray gun assembly.

This spray foam kit also has a 6.1 R-value for every inch thick, and it has a Class A fire rating.

The kit is a 2-part kit of polyurethane foam and it is closed cell.

  • 210 of board feet
  • Class A fire rating
  • 6.1 R-value
  • 6 spray cone nozzles
  • 9 foot spray gun assembly
  • May get less coverage than expected
  • Bad fumes
  • Only one inch per pass

My #1 top pick is this spray foam insulation kit (up to 600 board feet) by DAP which will allow you to quickly insulate wall/floor cavities, attics, rim joists, crawl spaces, and more.

The quick cure feature of this kit means that the insulation will skin over in less than a minute, and fully cure in about an hour.

The two part polyurethane foam kit comes with the gun dispenser, spray nozzles, and hose assembly.

  • Quick install foam insulation (cures in less than an hour)
  • Insulate and air seal walls, floors, and cracks
  • 600 board feet of insulation (1 inch thick)
  • Must spray quickly or can stick to nozzle
  • Complaints of pressure loss

The Seal Spray Foam kit by Industrial Products is a nice alternative to the bulky two-part spray foam kits.

It comes with 24-cans for a total coverage of 600 board feet. Each can will cover approximately 25 board feet. The spray foam is closed cell insulation.

One feature of this kit is that you won't waste the entire kit if you just want to insulate a small area. You can also have two people spraying at the same time. And it is just much easier to move around.

  • 600 board feet of spray foam
  • Closed cell
  • 24 cans for easy use
  • Less waste
  • Nozzle may leak foam
  • Complaints of poor customer service

This Touch n' Seal spray foam insulation kit is also made by DAP and comes with 200 board feet coverage.

This two part spray foam kit has a Class A fire rating and is closed cell.

Like the other DAP kits, it has a high R-value of 6.6 with a one inch thickness.

The cure time is approximately one hour, and it is designed not to shrink in size.

Use this kit to stop air gaps and to increase energy efficiency.

  • 200 board feet
  • Class A fire rating
  • Two part spray foam
  • Closed cell
  • 6.6 R-value
  • May have trouble actually covering 200 square feet
  • Complaints of nozzle problems

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