Top 5 Best Quiet HEPA Air Purifiers (2022 Review)

Licensed Inspector Arie Van Tuijl
Licensed Inspector Arie Van Tuijl

🕖Last Updated On May 10, 2022

Do you want to find the best quiet HEPA air purifier to clean your home or office?

These high quality air purifiers have numerous levels of filtration and have at least one setting that is whisper quiet.

In this product review, I will go over...

  • My overall #1 pick for the best quiet HEPA air purifier
  • Pros and cons of each product
  • How the different filters work
  • And more...

Let’s get started with this guide!

top best rated quiet HEPA air purifiers
  • 6-Stage Filtration
  • WiFi Connected
  • Wall Mounted
  • 6-Stage Filtration
  • WiFi Connected
  • Wall Mounted
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Germ Guardian
  • Quiet Low Setting
  • 4 Filter Stages
  • UVC Light For Mold
  • Quiet Low Setting
  • 4 Filter Stages
  • UVC Light For Mold
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  • Silent Mode
  • Long Lasting Motor
  • Charcoal Filter For Odors
  • Silent Mode
  • Long Lasting Motor
  • Charcoal Filter For Odors
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  • Auto & Eco Modes
  • 3 Fan Speeds
  • Sleek Indicator Light
  • Auto & Eco Modes
  • 3 Fan Speeds
  • Sleek Indicator Light
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Hamilton Beach
  • Washable HEPA filter
  • Use Flat Or Vertical
  • Whisper Clean Mode
  • Washable HEPA filter
  • Use Flat Or Vertical
  • Whisper Clean Mode
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My Overall #1 Rated Pick

top best rated quiet hepa air purifier rabbitair reviews
  • WiFi connected and controlled by phone or remote
  • 6-stages of air filtration including a HEPA filter and negative ion generator
  • Stand alone or mounted it to the wall (save living space)
  • For areas up to 815-sf

My overall top pick for the best ultra quiet air purifier goes to the RabbitAir Minus2. This powerful yet quiet air purifier features a 6-stage air filtration process which includes a HEPA filter, a prefilter, a carbon filter, a negative ion generator, and a medium sized filter.

The cool thing about the RabbitAir Minus2 is that it can be mounted on the wall which will save a lot of living space. In addition, this air purifier can be controlled through an app on your phone or you can just set it to auto mode and forget about it. The RabbitAir Minus2 is rated for rooms up to 815-sf and will do 2 full air changes per hour.

Top 5 Best Quiet HEPA Air Purifiers

Short on time? Check out our top 5 quiet HEPA air purifiers below! Keep reading for our full reviews of each pick and to see our buyer's guide.

  1. RabbitAir
  2. Germ Guardian
  3. Levoit Core 300
  4. Coway Mighty
  5. Hamilton Beach 

What Is A Quiet HEPA Air Purifier?

In my view, a quiet HEPA air purifier is a device that filters your home's interior air using a HEPA filter — and that has at least one setting that is quiet while in operation.

What Is A HEPA Air Purifier?

The acronym HEPA stands for high efficiency particulate air and it is a national standard for air filters. According to ASME and the U.S. Department of Energy, a HEPA filter must be able to filter out 99.97% of particles that are 0.3 microns in size.

For comparison, a human hair is about 50 microns in size.

Originally, HEPA was a trademarked term, but now it is a public term for this filtering efficiency standard.

HEPA filters usually have multiple pleats which gives it an accordian shape.

This accordian shape greatly increases the surface area of the HEPA filter so it can catch more particles in the air.

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What Is A Quiet Air Purifier?

For an air purifier to be classified as quiet, I think it should have at least one speed setting that is very quiet — in the range of about 25-decibels or less (a whisper measures 30 decibels).

A quiet air purifier shouldn't disrupt your sleep or interfere with a phone conversation. It's not going to be completely inaudible, but it should be a gentle hum in the background.

top best rated quiet HEPA air purifier

How Many Layers of Filtration?

These top rated quiet HEPA air filters that I have chosen all have numerous levels of filtration — anywhere from 2-3 filters and up to 6 levels of filtration.

And not all of the filtration levels are necessarily physical filters. There are air purifiers that have negative ion generators that will freshen and clean your air by injecting negative ions into your interior space.

Some air purifiers have UV lights that will kill microbes such as mold spores as it passes by the ultraviolet radiation. Here is my popular guide on the best rated UV air purifiers installed in your HVAC system that will kill mold, viruses, and remove odors throughout your entire home.

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What Is A Prefilter?

Almost all of these air purifiers have prefilters. Prefilters will filter out larger particles from the air so that they don't get to the HEPA filter and clog it up.

Having a proper prefilter in your air purifier will seriously extend the life of the HEPA filter.

Also, some prefilters are completely reusable and washable so you can save some money there.  I recently wrote an article on washable furnace filters that will save you some HVAC maintenance costs.

What Is A Charcoal Filter?

Most of these quiet HEPA air purifiers also have charcoal or activated carbon filters.

Activated carbon is basically charcoal that has been processed in way that makes it extremely porous which gives it a large surface area. The very large surface area of the carbon captures odor molecules from the air.

These carbon filters can remove cooking smells, smoke, and other foul odors.

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top best rated quiet HEPA air purifier

How To Control Your Quiet HEPA Air Purifier?

There is a wide variety of control options for these quiet HEPA air purifiers. Some of them come with remotes while others are only controlled through a knob or button.

One of my top products, the RabbitAir Minus2, can even be controlled through your phone app.

Also, many of these purifiers have certain programs such as auto mode which will automatically adjust the fan speed (or turn the purifier off) as it detects particulates in the air — the "set and forget" mode.

There are also economy modes that will turn the air purifier to off or low when the purifier has detected no particulates or pollution in the air.

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What Is The Best Quiet HEPA Air Purifiers?

Here are my top picks for the best quiet HEPA air purifiers with a description and their pros and cons...

My #1 top pick goes to the RabbitAir Minus2 is a premium indoor air purifier. 

The Minus2 has 6 stages of air purification that includes a washable large particle filter, medium filter, HEPA filter, customized filter, carbon filter, and lastly a negative ion generator.

This smart purifier can be WiFi connected so you can control its schedule, lighting, and other management issues through your phone or tablet.

This air purifier is rated for areas up to 815-sf and will do 2 full air changes per hour. The RabbitAir Minus2 can be mounted to the wall or stand alone on a table --- mounting hardware is included.

  • 6 stages of air purification
  • Long lasting BioGS HEPA filter
  • Can be mounted on wall
  • Controlled Through App
  • Poor for smoke removal
  • Expensive

The Germ Guardian is a 4-in-1 air purifier featuring a true HEPA filter to clean your interior air.

This purifier has a true HEPA filter, a prefilter for large particles, and a carbon filter for odors. It also features a UVC light in order to kill microbes such as viruses, bacteria, and molds.

If set to the lowest setting, the Germ Guardian is quiet and is just a gentle background white noise. The Germ Guardian has 3 speed settings and will do four complete air changes per hour (room up to 167-sf).

  • 4-in-1 air filtration capabilities
  • Includes carbon filter to remove odors
  • Lowest setting is quiet for sleep
  • Includes UV light to kill microbes
  • Pricey filter replacements
  • Cheaper materials

The Levoit Core 300 is an ultra quiet air purifier with true HEPA filtration.

This air purifier includes an ultra fine prefilter as well as an activated charcoal filter (for odors) that work along side a true HEPA filter to keep your interior air clean.

In silent mode, this purifier will work in the background at a very quiet 24 decibels with QuietKEAP technology --- one of the quietest purifiers on the market. The Core 300 uses precision internal bearings to extend the life of the purifier for years.

  • True HEPA filter with prefilter and charcoal filter
  • Ultra quiet at 24db on silent mode
  • Quality bearings for a long life
  • Complaints of a plastic odor

The Mighty by Coway is a premium HEPA air purifier that runs quiet on low speed at only 24-db. This air purifier features a prefilter for large particles, a true HEPA filter, an activated charcoal filter, and a negative ion purifier.

The cool thing about the Mighty is that it has a sleek front light indicator that lets you know when the filter needs to be replaced.

It also has an auto mode that automatically adjusts the fan speed based on air pollution, and then goes into eco mode when it doesn't sense particulates. It has three fan speeds and will filter particles down to 0.3 microns in size --- helping you keep your interior air quality at a high level.

  • Auto mode that automatically adjusts speed 
  • Eco mode to save energy
  • Charcoal filter for odors
  • Loud 3rd fan speed level
  • Poor for odors and smells

The Hamilton Beach air purifier is a great product for bedrooms and offices to keep your air clean. It features a permanent and washable HEPA filter (removing particles up to 3 microns in size) --- saving you a lot of money from filter replacements.

The Hamilton Beach purifier has three speed settings. The lowest setting known as Whisper Clean is ultra quiet for so you can sleep or work in peace.

One nice thing about this air purifier is that it can be placed vertically or horizontally on a table and it doesn't matter.

  • Permanent & washable HEPA filter
  • Whisper clean mode for low noise
  • Use flat or vertical
  • Small rooms only

My #1 Top Pick: RabbitAir Ultra Quiet HEPA Air Purifier

My top pick for the best super quiet HEPA air purifier goes to the RabbitAir Minus2. Here's why...

#1. WiFi Connected

This is one of the rare air purifiers that is WiFi connected which gives you massive functionality. You can control the Minus2 through your phone or tablet, or just use the remote. You can choose between various programs or make a custom daily schedule. You can also just set the purifier to auto mode and forget about it.

#2. Six Stages of Filtration

The RabbitAir Minus2 has not two or three filters, but it actually has 5 different filters and the 6th stage is a negative ion purifier. Also, the HEPA filter was designed so that it lasts significantly longer than the standard "true HEPA" filters that most purifiers are selling.

#3. Wall Mounted

The RabbitAir can be mounted vertically on the wall to save space, and it just looks way cooler. The whole mounting bracket system comes with the purchase.

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