Top 4 Best Rated Filterless Air Purifiers (2021 Review)

Do you want to find the best filterless air purifier?

The great thing about filterless air purifiers is that you never have to buy a new filter — which can get expensive and annoying.

In this product review guide, I will go over...

  • My #1 top pick for the best filterless air purifier
  • Negative ion air purification
  • TSS filterless technology

Let's get started with this guide!

top best rated filterless air purifier review

My Overall #1 Rated Pick

top best rated filterless air purifier review airfree p2000
  • Filterless TSS technology
  • Silent operation
  • Blue night light
  • Low energy use
  • No filter changes or cleaning

My overall top pick for the best filterless air purifer goes to the P2000 by AirFree. This purifier cleans the air differently than the average purifier in that it super-heats the air killing microbes and removing harmful particles. After heating the air, it goes into a cooling chamber to bring the temperature and humidity down. It uses very little energy and it also comes with a blue night light.

AirFree P2000
  • TSS Tech
  • Silent
  • Low Energy
  • TSS Tech
  • Silent
  • Low Energy
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AirFree Iris 3000
  • Multi Color Light
  • Compact
  • Silent
  • Multi Color Light
  • Compact
  • Silent
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Ivation 300B
  • Cherry Wood Finish
  • Ionizer
  • Ozone Generator
  • Cherry Wood Finish
  • Ionizer
  • Ozone Generator
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  • Filterless
  • Mobile
  • Plug In
  • Filterless
  • Mobile
  • Plug In
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Top 5 Best Filterless Air Purifiers

My top picks for the best filterless air purifiers include negative ion generators and AirFree's patented TSS technology. These filterless methods will clean your air of harmful pathogens and other pollutants. There is no need to ever buy a filter with these air purifiers which can save a lot of money (and hassle). Check them out below...

  1. AirFree P2000 (Top Pick)
  2. AirFree Iris 3000
  3. Ivation 300B
  4. Clarifion (Best Portable)

What Is A Filterless Air Purifier?

Let's face it: home air purifiers can be expensive. Home air purifiers can range from $100, and all the way up to $400. But that's not where it ends.

You are forced to buy endless filters from the manufacturer, and you have to do continuous maintenance such as cleaning the fan. However, most homeowners don't know that there are other options.

There are other well-known technologies that can purify the air as good as filtered air purifiers, and in some cases even better. The two main filterless air purification methods are negative ionization as well as TSS technology. 

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'Negative Ion' Filterless Air Purifiers

One of the most widely used filterless technologies is called a negative ionizer. Negative air ions were discovered over 100 years ago, and are widely used for air cleaning.

This air purifier sends negative ions into the air, which are basically molecules that have been charged with electricity. These negative ions latch onto bacteria and viruses, as well as other air pollutants. The ions cause the hazardous air pollutants to become heavy, and they sink to the floor or onto other hard surfaces.

And when you do your routine home cleaning, these pollutants are removed from the hard surfaces.

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top best rated filterless air purifier review (1)

TSS Filterless Technology

The second filterless method I would like to discuss is TSS technology, and TSS stands for thermodynamic sterilization.

The basic concept is that it heats up the air which kills microbes and removes harmful pollutants. It works similar to boiling water in order to kill bacteria.

After the air has been sterilized, it goes into a cooling chamber, and then sends this sterilized (and cooled) air back into the room.

The only company (as far as I know) that is selling air purifiers based on TSS is called AirFree.

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What Is The Best Filterless Air Purifier?

Here are my full reviews of the best rated filterless air purifiers with a few pros and cons. Check it out below...

The P2000 by AirFree is a quality air purifier that uses its filterless PSS technology to give you clean air.

No more buying expensive filters when you can just buy the P2000 and be done with it.

This air purifier by AirFree is also completely silent because it doesn't use a typical fan.

The energy usage is also very low.

The P2000 also comes with an adjustable blue night light which is perfect for the bedroom.

  • Filterless TSS technology
  • Silent operation (no fan)
  • Blue night light
  • Low energy use
  • Very low CFM
  • Trouble turning off light

The Iris 3000 by AirFree is another premium air purifier that will clean your air without ever changing or cleaning a filter.

This filterless air purifier features the patented TSS technology which is a ceramic core that heats up the surrounding air and sterilizes it from bugs and debris.

After it is sterilized by the ceramic core 'mini ducts', the air then goes into a cooling chamber so that the clean air is about the same temperature and humidity as your environment.

Another great feature about this air purifier is that it operates completely silently.

No more annoying sounds in the background due to a noisy air purifier.

  • Multi-color night light
  • Filterless air cleaning (no maintenance)
  • Operates silently
  • Compact & small
  • Complaints of breaking down
  • No CADR rating
  • Low air flow

The 300B is a high quality air purifier made by Ivation that is suitable for up to 3,500-sf homes.

The Ivation 300B air purifier is an ionizer, deodorizer, and beneficial ozone generator.

With this ionizer, you will never have to buy a filter again, saving on maintenance costs.

The Ivation has a cherry wood finish and a stainless steel cabinet for a nice look and high durability.

The negative ionizer will attach to harmful particles in the air, and the ozone generator is great at removing foul odors.

Enjoy 24 hours of clean fresh air that is completely filterless.

  • Negative ionizer (cleans the air)
  • Ozone generator (remove odors)
  • Cherry wood finish
  • Complaints of premature break downs
  • Poor smoke removal

The Clarifion is a premium mobile ionizer that you simply plug into an outlet.

This is a great compact air purifier for a small bedroom, bathroom, bedroom, or closet.

The negative ions latch onto harmful air particles which causes them to sink to the ground (or surfaces) — and all without a filter.

This filterless purifier has a blue LED that lets you know it's working.

It also has a very low sound, and extremely low energy consumption.

  • Negative ions cleans the air
  • Blue LED so you know its working
  • Low sound
  • Totally filterless
  • Light may interfere with sleep
  • Difficult to know if it's working

My #1 Top Pick: AirFree P2000

My overall top pick for the best filterless air purifier goes to the AirFree P2000. Here's why...

#1. Filteress TSS Technology

AirFree has a patented technology where it super-heats the air inside a ceramic chamber where it kills pathogens and removes harmful particles. And after the air is sterilized, it then goes into a cooling chamber to bring down the temperature and humidity.

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#2. Silent

This air purifier is silent and doesn't make the loud noises of conventional air purifiers. With other air purifiers, they can be loud and even disrupt sleep.

#3. No Filters, Cleaning, Or Maintenance

The P2000 doesn't require buying filters, or even doing any cleaning or mainteance.

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