Top 4 Best Furnace Filters For Dust Control (2024 Review)

Do you want to find the best furnace filter to control dust?

With some homes, excessive dust can be a major frustration --- but choosing the right HVAC filter can definitely help.

In this product review guide, I will go over...

  • My #1 top pick for the best furnace filter for dust control
  • How to pick the best AC filter for dust
  • The composition of dust particles

Let's get started with this guide!

top best rated furnace filter for dust control

Filtrete 2X Dust Defense
  • 2X More Dust
  • MERV 11
  • 3-in-1 Tech
  • 2X More Dust
  • MERV 11
  • 3-in-1 Tech
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K&N Washable MERV 11
  • Washable & Reusable
  • MERV 11
  • Synthetic filter for long life
  • Washable & Reusable
  • MERV 11
  • Synthetic filter for long life
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Aerostar MERV 11 Pleated
  • MERV 11
  • Made in USA
  • Also filters mold and pet dander
  • MERV 11
  • Made in USA
  • Also filters mold and pet dander
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FilterBuy Gold Filter
  • Synthetic Media
  • Stronger Frame
  • MERV 11
  • Synthetic Media
  • Stronger Frame
  • MERV 11
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My Overall #1 Rated Pick

  • Holds up to 2X more dust particles than other Filtrete filters
  • Rated at a high MERV 11 to capture small and large household dust
  • Filter is equivalent to 50 dusting wipes
  • Filter also captures fine allergens like mold spores, dust mites, pollen, and lint

My overall top pick for the best furnace filter for dust control goes to 3M's Filtrete brand for Allergen + 2X Dust. These AC filters are specially formulated by 3M to hold significantly more dust. They also feature 3M's patented 3-in-1 technology so it captures fine dust while allowing the maximum amount of air flow to keep your furnace efficient.

Top 4 Best Furnace Filter For Dust Control

Are you short on time?  Check out our top 4 furnace filters for dust control! Keep reading for the complete reviews of each pick and to see our buyer's guide.

  1. 3M Filtrete Allergen & 2X Dust Furnace Filter
  2. K&N MERV 11 Washable Furnace Filter For Dust
  3. Aerostar MERV 11 Furnace Filter For Dust Control
  4. FilterBuy MERV 11 Gold Furnace Air Filter For Dust Control

What Is A Furnace Filter For Dust Control?

A furnace filter for dust control is a filter with a higher MERV rating that can control, capture, and hold a maximum amount of dust.

Pretty much any AC filter will capture some dust, that is basically their main purpose. However, if you are tired of cleaning dust from around your home, then a higher MERV filter is the way to go.

In my opinion as a home inspector, I recommend buying a furnace filter with at least a MERV 11 filter rating for dust control.

What Are A/C Filter MERV Ratings?

MERV stands for Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value and it is a filtration rating created by ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, And Air Conditioning Engineers).

Basically, the MERV rating specifies how the filter captures particles at its worst. It doesn't take the average of how well the filter performs or picks the highest amount --- MERV measures the lowest performance of the filter.

MERV ratings range all the way from MERV 1 up to as high as MERV 16. Anything above MERV 16 is in the HEPA filter range and isn't used in residential houses.

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What Size Are Dust Particles?

Dust is actually a catch-all term for hundreds of different microscopic particles.

Dust particles can have a large size range from 0.5 microns and all the way up to 100 microns. In comparison,  a human hair is in the 50-100 micron size range.

Most dust in a typical household is 5 microns or less however.

Sources of Dust

There are many different sources to household dust, and most dust actually comes from the outdoors through open windows, cracks, and human traffic.

One of the biggest sources of exterior dust is on the bottom of our shoes. In addition, there are interior sources of dust like human skin cells, pet dander, and dust mites.

Household dust can also be a repository for heavy metals.

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top best rated furnace filter for dust control (1)

What Are The Hazardous PM2.5 Dust Particles?

PM2.5 stands for particulate matter that is 2.5 microns in size or smaller.

These dangerous particles are small enough to be breathed into the deeper part of our lungs and can even enter our bloodstream. Even though many of these tiny particles dissolve in our bodies, some of them do not, and can cause serious diseases.

An A/C filter with a MERV 11 rating will capture 90 to 98% of the particles in the 1 to 3 micron range.

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Why Not A Higher MERV Rating For Dust Control?

A higher MERV rating for your HVAC system is definitely a possibility, but it isn't advisable for most homeowners.

A higher MERV rating will restrict air flow even more and may damage your system.

If you want a higher MERV filter, I would recommend checking with your HVAC manufacturer to see if your system is compatible.

What Are The Best Furnace Filters For Dust Control?

Here are my top picks for the best filters for dust control with all of their pros and cons. Check it out below...

The 3M Allergen & 2X Dust is my #1 top choice for the best furnace filter to get control over a dust situation. The 2X Filter is rated at MERV 11 or MPR 1000. 

This Filtrete filter is designed to hold up to 2x more dust than other Filtrete filters --- each filter can catch the equivalent of 50 dusting wipes.

All of the Filtrete filters include 3Ms patented 3-in-1 technology which captures the maximum amount of particles while allowing maximum air flow through the furnace.

  • Hold up to 2x more dust
  • Rated at MERV 11
  • Filter can catch an equivalent 50 dusting wipes
  • Pricey
  • May get damaged during shipping

K&N is a leader in car filtration, and they turned their attention to homes with their reusable and washable synthetic furnace filter.

This air conditioner filter is also rated at a high MERV 11 so it can filter out fine and large dust particles in your.

It will also help reduce allergens like pet dander, pollen, dust mites, and mold spores. With this A/C filter, you can save a tremendous amount of money because it is washable and at the same time control household dust.

  • Washable and reusable to save money
  • A high MERV 11 rating to control dust particles
  • Built to last with ABS polymer and synthetic filter media
  • Complaints of wrong sizing
  • Metal filter frame may make noise

The Aerostar furnace filters are electrostatically charged to remove small and large particles from the air.

Rated at MERV 11, these HVAC filters will help reduce and control household dust --- and hold more dust than lower rated filters.

The Aerostar filters will also help remove dust mites, lint, mold spores, pollen, and pet dander.

All filters made by Aerostar are made in the USA.

  • MERV 11 rating to capture & control fine dust
  • All filters made in the USA
  • Also remove pet dander, dust mites, lint, and mold spores
  • Complaints of wrong sizing
  • Lower quality than 3M

My last recommendation for a furnace filter to control dust is made by FilterBuy.

This filter is likewise rated at MERV 11 to capture fine dust as well allergens, mold spores, and other micro particles.

This HVAC filter frame is made of beverage board so it stays strong with high humidity and high temperatures. This filter also features a synthetic filter media rather than cotton for a much larger micro particle efficiency.

  • MERV 11 rating to capture and control fine dust particles
  • Synthetic filter media for a higher filtration efficiency
  • Beverage board frame for a more durable filter
  • Complaints of shipping damage
  • Lower quality filters compared to 3M Filtrete

My #1 Top Pick:  3M Filtrete Allergen & 2X Dust Furnace Filter

My #1 top pick for the best furnace filter for dust control goes to 3Ms Filtrete 2X Dust Defense filter. Here's why...

#1. More Dust

This filter was designed to hold up to 2X more dust than other Filtrete filters. If you have a dust issue in your home, this Filtrete filter by 3M was designed for a house like yours.

#2. MERV 11

With a rating of MERV 11, this filter will capture micro dust as well as larger dust particles. 

#3. 3-in-1 Technology

Filtrete filters are the only ones on the market with 3Ms patented 3-in-1 technology which was designed to capture more dust while allowing maximum air flow for your furnace.

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