Top 5 Best Rated Honeywell UV Lights (*2021 Review*)

Are you interested in finding the best Honeywell UV light to kill mold in your HVAC system?

UV Light Systems made by Honeywell are high quality air purifiers that will kill airborne and surface microorganisms in your HVAC.

In this product review guide, I will go over...

  • My #1 top pick for the best Honeywell UV light
  • How to install a UV light
  • How to pick the best Honeywell UV light

Let's get started with this guide!

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My Overall #1 Rated Pick

  • Two UV light bulbs at 36-watts each for maximum mold killing power
  • Smart Lamp turns bulbs on & off automatically when needed (extending life by 5x)
  • Kills up to 87% of airborne bacteria

My overall top pick for the best Honeywell UV Light goes to the UV100E10043 single bulb UV light system. This is the ultra premium UV light that is designed to kill airborne and surface organisms — up to 70% of all airborne microbes. The unit also has Smart Lamp Technology so it turns on only when needed and extends the life of the bulbs by up to 5x. 

UV100E1043 Product Spec Sheet

  • Two Bulbs
  • 87% Bacteria Killed
  • Auto On/Off
  • Two Bulbs
  • 87% Bacteria Killed
  • Auto On/Off
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  • Great Price
  • 70% Airborne Killed
  • Easy Install
  • Great Price
  • 70% Airborne Killed
  • Easy Install
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  • Surface Treatment
  • Removes Odors
  • 16-watt Bulb
  • Surface Treatment
  • Removes Odors
  • 16-watt Bulb
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  • 70% Airborne Killed
  • Less Expensive
  • Smart Lamp Tech
  • 70% Airborne Killed
  • Less Expensive
  • Smart Lamp Tech
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  • Surface Treatment
  • Less Pricey
  • No Odor Removal
  • Surface Treatment
  • Less Pricey
  • No Odor Removal
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The Top 5 Best Honeywell UV Lights

Here is my list of the best Honeywell UV lights. These Honeywell UV lights will kill mold, bacteria, viruses, and odors. If you want to read my full reviews, keep scrolling.

  1. Honeywell UV Light Air Treatment System (UV100E1043) (My #1 Top Pick)
  2. Honeywell UV Light Air Purifier With AirBRITE Odor Absorption (UV2400U5000)
  3. Honeywell UV Light Sanitizing System (UV2400U1000)
  4. Honeywell UV Light Air Treatment System (RUVLAMP1/C)
  5. Honeywell UV Light Air Treatment System (UV100E2009)

What Is A Honeywell Ultraviolet Light System?

A Honeywell UV light air purifier is a home product installed in your HVAC system that is designed to kill and prevent mold growth.

These germicidal air purifiers use a special frequency of light that disrupts the DNA of microbes. UV lights have been in use for decades by hospitals for disinfection of operating rooms and medical equipment.

Honeywell is a Fortune 100 company with over 100,000 employees around the world with over 40 billion annual revenue. Honeywell is well-known to homeowners for home products such as humidifiers, thermostats, air purifiers, and furnace filters.

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How To Pick The Best Honeywell UV Light System?

Honeywell has several different UV light systems available, and there are some key differences between them all.

Air Treatment Vs. Surface Treatment

The two biggest differences in my opinion is that some of the UV air purifiers are for surface treatment only, and some are rated for air treatment.

The air treatment systems tend to be higher powered and also more expensive. These systems are powerful enough to kill airborne bacteria, which the surface treatment UV systems are designed to only kill surface bacteria.

A big installation difference is that the air treatment systems are installed on the return side of the HVAC. The "return" is where air is going into the HVAC system, prior to going through the actual furnace.

In contrast, the surface treatment UV lights are installed on the supply side of the HVAC --- usually right above the evaporator coil. The surface treatment UV light kills microbes on the evaporator coil, the duct, and the drip pan.

Which Is Better?

I think the air treatment is better if you can afford it.

It is better to kill microbes before they even have a chance to grow on surfaces. For one, it is more difficult to kill mold on surfaces because there are challenging spots for the ultraviolet light to reach. Inside a furnace or heat pump, there are so many components, it can be almost impossible to insure that the UV light reaches every inch.

But if you mount an air treatment UV light before the mold even reaches the insides of the furnace --- then you are already ahead in the mold-kiling game.

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How Does The AirBRITE Odor Absorption System Work?

One cool thing about Honeywell is that they have a UV light system that will actually remove odors from the air along with killing microbes. It uses a charcoal/carbon filter that will remove cooking odors, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and other smells.

In fact, Honeywell claims that it will remove up to 90% of VOCs with their AirBRITE Odor Absorption system.

One of the most common and hazardous VOCs present in homes is called formaldehyde. This is a toxic chemical released by furniture and other home products.

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top best honeywell uv light reviews

What Is The Honeywell Smart Lamp Technology?

Another thing to know about Honeywell is that some of their UV products have smart lamp technology and others don't. Of course, it isn't a requirement to have smart lamp tech --- but it is very useful.

Honeywells smart lamp tech has additional circuitry that will automatically turn the UV bulbs on and off based on the performance of the HVAC system. Depending on the model, it will turn on based on a thermostat or by using an air flow sensor.

The great thing about this smart lamp feature is that it can extend the UV bulbs by up to 5 times --- which literally means years. Replacing the UV bulbs is the most expensive part of maintenance and with most UV systems that means replacing them every year. The downside is that the Honeywell UV systems with smart lamp tech are more expensive.

In addition to turning the bulbs on & off, smart lamp tech will also give you LED data such as when the bulbs are low on life and other cool data.

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What Are The Best Honeywell UV Light Air Purifiers?

Here are my reviews of the top Honeywell UV lights with their pros and cons...

My #1 top pick goes to the Honeywell UV100E1043 single bulb UV light is designed to kill airborne and surface organisms. It is NOT designed to kill mold on the evaporator coil like other units.

This single bulb system is installed on the return duct (prior to the A-coil) so that it can kill airborne microorganisms --- up to 70%. It uses smart lamp technology that turns on the bulb when needed and extends the life by up to 5 times.

The indicator LED will alert you to the remaining life of the bulb, when a new bulb is needed, and other valuable data.

UV100E1043 Product Spec Sheet

  • Kills up to 70% of airborne bacteria on the return duct side of the HVAC
  • 18-watt light bulb
  • Plugged into a standard outlet
  • Bulb replacement is pricey

The Honeywell UV2400U5000 is a high quality UV light air purifier that will kill and prevent mold --- up to 99% on your A/C coil.

This 16-watt single bulb air purifier comes with the AirBrite carbon filter that will greatly reduce unwanted smells. In fact, it will reduce VOCs (volatile organic compounds) by up to 90%.

The UV light "renews" the AirBrite odor filter so it is maintenance free. Honeywell recommends replacing he UV light bulb annually.

UV2400U5000 Product Spec Sheet

  • Kill up to 99% of mold on your A/C coil
  • Reduce VOCs by up to 90% with AirBrite Odor filter
  • UV light renews AirBrite to make it maintenance free
  • More expensive
  • Difficult install (low voltage transformer may be required)

The Honeywell UV2400U1000 is basically the same product as the 2400U5000 except that it doesn't come with the AirBRIGHT odor removal system. It is a high quality UV light air purifier at almost half the price.

This 16-watt single bulb air purifier will kill 99% of micro organisms on your A/C coil --- helping it to run better and with high indoor air quality.

The UV light is about 16-inches in length and uses 16-watts of power.

UV2400U1000 Product Spec Sheet

  • Will kill up to 99% of mold growing on your coil
  • Less expensive than the UV2400U5000
  • 16-watts of power
  • Difficult install (low voltage transformer may be required)
  • Does not come with AirBRIGHT for odor removal

The Honeywell RUVLAMP1/C is a price friendly UV air treatment system.

This UV light is installed on the return side of the HVAC and kills up to 70% of airborne bacteria.

It doesn't have any Smart Lamp technology, but if you want a simple and price-friendly choice, then the RUVLAMP1/C is for you.

The UV light bulb is easy to replace, simply twist and remove.

  • Kills up to 70% of airborne bacteria
  • Cheaper unit
  • Easy installation
  • Does not have Smart Lamp Technology

The Honeywell UV100E2009 is the premium version of the UV100E1043 because it doesn't have just one light bulb but two for maximum mold killing power.

While the single bulb version (1043) kills up to 70% of airborne bacteria, the 2009 dual lamp system will kill up to 87% of airborne bacteria.

This dual lamp air treatment system comes with all of the Smart Lamp technology such as LED bulb life, bulb change, and other cool features.

UV100E2009 Product Spec Sheet

  • Dual lamp system kills up to 87% of airborne bacteria
  • Smart Lamp technology with LED data indicators
  • Turns on/off automatically to extend bulb life by up to 5x.
  • Almost no customer reviews
  • Expensive

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2 thoughts on “Top 5 Best Rated Honeywell UV Lights (*2021 Review*)”

  1. Hi,

    I purchased above mentioned UV light by Honeywell, UV100E2009 Air Treatment System. I am planning to install in the return duct. But my return duct has INTERNAL lining/insulation. Could this UV light damage this internal lining? Would this fiberglass lining withstand UV light over time?



    • Hi Michael,

      I suspect the fiberglass lining will be fine. Usually, UV lights can sometimes affect the drip pan and any other rubber or plastic components. I have never heard of fiberglass insulation damage. If you have concerns, you can apply aluminum foil tape or aluminum sheets in the vicinity of the UV light to protect that local area.



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