Top 3 Best RGF Air Purifiers (2024 Review)

Do you want to find the best RGF air purifiers on the market?

My top picks use hydrogen peroxide and ultraviolet light to kill mold, mildew, viruses, and odors.

In this product review guide, I will go over...

  • My #1 top pick for the best RGF air purifier
  • How hydrogen peroxide can clean your air
  • The difference between AOP technology and ultraviolet light

Let's get started with this guide!

RGF Air purifiers (2)

Reme Halo
  • AOP Technology
  • Quick Release
  • 25,000 Cell Life
  • AOP Technology
  • Quick Release
  • 25,000 Cell Life
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Twin Stick Lite
  • Universal Bracket
  • Long Bulb Life
  • Protective Coating
  • Universal Bracket
  • Long Bulb Life
  • Protective Coating
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Guardian Air QRP-5
  • Long Cell Life
  • Short Bulb For Easy Install
  • Easy Cell Replacement
  • Long Cell Life
  • Short Bulb For Easy Install
  • Easy Cell Replacement
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My Overall #1 Rated Pick

rgf reme halo
  • Uses advanced oxidation plasma to kill mold, viruses, and odors
  • Adjustable shroud to control plasma output
  • Includes filter to reduce particulates like allergens
  • Long cell life (25,000-hours) of about 3 years

My overall top pick for the best RGF Air Purifier goes to the Reme Halo. The Reme Halo uses advanced oxidation plasma which will activately neutralize mold, viruses, and odors throughout your home. It also includes filtration to reduce particules such as common allergens. The reme halo cell can last up to 25,000-hours or about 3-years for a long life, and the cell is easily replaced.

Reme Halo Spec Sheet.

Top 3 Best RGF Air Purifiers 

Short on time? Check out our top 3 RGF air purifiers below! Keep reading for the details of each pick.

  1. Reme Halo Air Purifier 
  2. Twin Stick Lite UV Light Purifier 
  3. RGF Guardian Air QRP-5 Purifier

What Is An RGF Air Purifier?

RGF air purifiers are designed to clean and sanitize your home air for a healthy indoor environment.

RGF is headquarted in Florida, USA and has been manufacturing environmental products for over 35 years. Currently, RGF manufactures over 500 environmental products including air purifiers, water treatment systems, and food sanitation products.

If you would like to see my top picks for UV lights to kill mold (other than RGF purifiers), you can read my guide right here.

RGF Advanced Oxidation Plasma

The main technology in the best selling air purifiers by RGF is called Advanced Oxidation Plasma.

Basically, instead of using UV light to kill microbes (a passive method), RGF purifiers will actively spread a weak level of hydrogen peroxide to kill microorganisms. Hydrogen peroxide is a commonly used disinfectant and it is used in toothpastes and household cleaning solutions.

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RGF air purifiers with AOP technology spread about .01 to .02 PPM (parts per million) of hydrogen peroxide molecules into the air stream of your HVAC system. This hydrogen peroxide mist mixes with the air and settles on the surfaces throughout your home — an active form of air purification.

In fact, according to sneeze studies, RGF purifiers with AOP tech can reduce sneeze germs by up to 99% within a 3-ft radius of a human sneeze.

And with hydroperoxide levels of only 0.01 to 0.02-ppm, RGF air purifiers can reduce organic molecules in your house substantially.

Here are the numbers from the research...

  • 99% of Viruses
  • 99% of Bacteria
  • 55%-98% of Odors
  • 97%-98% of Mold
  • 80%-99% of VOCs
  • 70% of Smoke

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rgf air purifier

UV Light Air Purifier By RGF

In addition to RGF air purifiers with AOP technology, RGF also sells air purifiers that uses ultraviolet light to disinfect your air — the Guardian Air QR+ and Twin Stick Lite.

This is a passive air disinfection system as compared to the active Reme Halo.

Properly designed ultraviolet light kills microbes on the evaporator coil and in the air stream, but it doesn't actively disinfect your environment and surfaces. For example, if someone sneezes in a room, the ultraviolet light in your furnace has zero impact on the sneeze germs.

Nevertheless, the Guardian Air QR+ or Twin Stick Lite is a great option for mold, mildew, and virus disinfection.

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What Are The Best RGF Air Purifiers?

Here are my full reviews of the top RGF air purification systems. Check it out below...

My #1 top pick for the best HVAC air purifier by RGF goes to the Reme Halo (latest version). The Reme Halo creates an advanced oxidation plasma (AOP) which are the friendly oxidizers.

This plasma neutralizes contaminants such as mold and odors through the process of oxidation — and then it reverts into safe oxygen and hydrogen. The Reme Halo has an adjustable shroud so you can customize how much AOP output you want.

It also has a quick release feature so you can easily replace the Halo Cell. The Halo Cell is recommended by RGF to be replaced every 25,000-hrs (about 3 years).

And here is the Reme Halo Spec Sheet.

  • Advanced oxidation plasma to neutralize mold and odors
  • Quick release feature
  • Extended cell life (25,000-hr cell replacement)
  • Must be installed by contractor for warranty
  • Pricey

The Twin Stick Lite by RGF is a high quality ultraviolet light that is capable of killing mold, mildew, algae, viruses and odors.

It includes two UV bulbs that are coated with a protective poly coating to help protect the bulb from shattering or damage. The Twin Stick comes with a high efficiency 24 volt ballast as well as a light status indicator.

You can mount this UV light mechanically, using adhesive, or using the enclosed magnets — a universal mounting bracket for easy installation.

The bulbs are designed for a long life and the recommended replacement by RGF is 18,000 to 25,000 hours (up to around 3-years).

Twin Stick Lite Spec Sheet

  • Universal mounting bracket
  • Extended bulb life
  • High efficiency 24-volt ballast
  • Protective bulb coatings
  • Installed on coil side
  • No air flow sensor

The Guardian Air QRP-5 by RGF is a high quality air purifier for your entire house.

This HVAC mounted purifier uses advanced oxidation plasma (AOP) that consists of friendly oxidizers that neutralize microbes and odors — and breaks down into oxygen & hydrogen.

This 5-inch purifier is mounted onto your furnace ductwork, and the bulb just needs to be changed every two years (just takes minutes to replace). The Guardian Air QRP-5 can reduce sneeze germs by 99% when the germs have reached a 3-ft diameter.

Here is the Guardian Air Product Spec Sheet.

  • Long bulb life (2 years)
  • AOP technology to kill mold, viruses, and odors
  • Easy bulb replacement
  • Missing air flow sensor
  • Best for 3-tons and lower

My Top Pick: The RGF Reme Halo Air Purifier

My #1 top pick for the best RGF air purifier goes to the Reme Halo. Here's why...

#1. AOP Technology

The Reme Halo doesn't UV light like most HVAC purifiers, but rather it uses advanced oxidation plasma which are the friendly oxidizers that will seek out and neutralize mold, viruses, and odors. And after oxidation, the plasma reverts into clean oxygen and hydrogen.

#2. Long Life

The AOP cell just needs to be replaced every 25,000 hours or about 3-years, which is a very long time — much longer than most UV bulbs.

#3. Particulate Filtration

The Reme Halo won't just kill mold, but it will also filter the air of harmful particulates such as common allergens.

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