Taskrabbit Vs. Thumbtack (Which Is Better?)

Do you want to learn the difference between TaskRabbit and Thumbtack? And which one is better?

After my careful review, I noticed that TaskRabbit is for individual service providers, and Thumbtack is geared towards actual companies.

In this review guide, I will go over...

  • Why Thumbtack is great for professional companies
  • Why TaskRabbit is good for random jobs around the house
  • How pros can use Thumbtack to find highly filtered leads
  • And my overall conclusion on both...
taskrabbit vs thumbtack

TaskRabbit Vs. Thumbtack

After going through TaskRabbit and Thumbtack, I think the biggest takeaway is that Thumbtack is more for professional companies.

Thumbtack will give you a list of real companies, with actual company names --- not personal names. If you are looking for a licensed plumbing company, Thumbtack is your best bet. It is basically a yellow pages for a variety of professional services.

When I checked out TaskRabbit, it is obvious to me that TaskRabbit is geared towards regular individuals who are not operating as companies, and use their personal names in their profiles. In fact, TaskRabbit is known as one of the original pioneers of the so-called gig economy.

TaskRabbit "Taskers" frequently engage in multiple tasks or jobs such as small painting jobs, cleaning, furniture assembly, and other random tasks.

And again, these are single individuals, not companies. So, if you have a job that is a bit random, and you don't need a professional company --- TaskRabbit is your best bet. However, if you want a licensed plumber or electrician, then I would definitely go with Thumbtack.

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Thumbtack For Homeowners

As a home inspector, clients commonly asked me for a contractor referral. However, I usually didn't give out referrals due to liability or because I didn't know any for that particular job.

Your First Pro Search

The first step is to simply put in your zip code and the job request into their search box.

taskrabbit vs thumbtack

The search box will also automatically provide a drop list of services available for you to choose from.

After you do this initial basic search, a list of company profiles will pop up. You will be able to peruse each company profile and read their customer reviews.

You can also further filter the list of companies using the filters widget. When you are ready to contact a company, you will select contact or request a quote.

taskrabbit vs thumbtack

More Job Details Prior To Contact

At this point, Thumbtack is likely to ask you a few more questions about the job so it can make sure it is a match for the company.

For example, if you want to request a quote from a painting company, before you actually make contact with them, Thumbtack will ask you more questions like..

Who is paying for the paint?

Is there wall damage?

How many coats of paint?

What type of material will be painted?

And other questions like that gives more details on the job.

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taskrabbit vs thumbtack

Thumbtack For Companies

As a licensed home inspector, I can appreciate using Thumbtack as a resource for finding clients.

When you sign up with Thumbtack, you get access to highly qualified leads that exactly match the types of jobs you want. And Thumbtack has features to protect you such as automatic lead discounts based on competition, as well as a 48-hour refund policy for customers who don't read your bid or response.

Thumbtack Leads

Thumbtack charges pros on a cost per lead basis, it doesn't charge a percent of the actual job cost.

The cost of the lead will also depend on whether it is an exact match, as well as the particular industry.

A home cleaning lead is likely to be much cheaper than a lead for a basement remodel as an example.

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Thumbtack Lead Discounts

The cool thing about Thumbtack is that they have an algorithm that discounts the price of the lead based on the number of times it is given to companies.

If a particular lead is given to 3 companies, it will be at a discounted price. You can read about Thumbtack's lead discounting here.

Before a company can get their first lead, Thumbtack requires at least two things. You first must set up your targeting preferences which is basically the types of jobs you want, where you want your jobs, and other basic details. Thumbtack wants at least one past customer review prior to sending your company leads so you will have to reach out to a past customer to get a testimonial.

Once you complete these two things, you are setup to begin receiving leads.

Exact Matches With Thumbtack

Thumbtack also has a program where you auto-pay for exact leads. These leads match the jobs that have already specified you want --- which is why Thumbtack figures it should be automatically paid for.

And you can set your monthly budget which will cap the number of leads you get. You may want to start off with a few hundred dollars monthly budget to get your feet wet.

Pros can also get pretty detailed with the jobs that they are willing to take.

If you are a painter, you can specify the maximum amount of square footage, types of paint, who is paying for the paint, the location area, wall damage, and many other details. Also, if you respond to a customer, and they do not read the message within 48-hours, Thumbtack will refund the cost of the lead.

Partial Matches

If Thumbtack receives a quote request that only partially matches your requirements, you will be notified of these leads, and you will have the option of whether to buy the lead.

In addition, there are also opportunity leads which allows you to browse leads that other companies are bidding on but doesn't match your requirements.

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TaskRabbit For Professionals

I think if you are not an actual company, and not interested in running a company, but want to earn some extra money (possibly full time income) --- then TaskRabbit may be a good option for you.

As a Tasker, you will be an independent contractor (not an employee), so you will be able to set where you work, when you work, and how much you make per task. Your Tasker business will hinge on the quality of your work, customer service, and customer reviews.

TaskRabbit doesn't charge their pros as a cost per lead basis, but rather charges a percent on the actual job cost on a per hour basis. If the job takes 3 hours, and the Tasker charges $50/hr, then TaskRabbit will charge a percent of the $150 total price.

And with TaskRabbit, customers are asked to book the job immediately, so there isn't any quotes or back and forth like with Thumbtack. However, after a customer books a job on TaskRabbit, they may be able to vary the schedule or job details with your consent.

Tasker Pro Requirements

TaskRabbit currently requires that all Taskers have a social security number for the background check, that they live in one of their active cities, and owns a smartphone. You can read their full Tasker requirements here.

Tasker registration now happens all on the TaskRabbit app --- website registrations are no longer allowed. In addition, the Tasker must be at least 18- years old, and have a checking account with a financial institution.

You must have a valid credit card, though I think a debit card will work --- just not the re-loadable or prepaid type of debit card.

You will also be required to pay a one-time $25 registration fee which I assume covers the background check.

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TaskRabbit For Customers

When using TaskRabbit, there are four main steps for customers.

#1. Describe Your Task

The first step is to basically tell TaskRabbit the basics of what you want done. 

You will specify if you want the task done now, later, or just browsing. TaskRabbit also asks you to insert your property address and it verifies that there are Taskers in your area.

#2. Browse Taskers And Prices

The second step allows you to check out the various Taskers and their prices.

On TaskRabbit, all of the Taskers have their hourly rate listed in their profile such as $53/hr.

You can also filter the Taskers based on high/low price, number of completed tasks, and percent of positive reviews. And when you check out the Taskers reviews, you can look at the specific reviews for certain areas. 

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taskrabbit vs thumbtack

For example, a certain Tasker may have 7 reviews for furniture assembly, 25 reviews for plumbing repairs, and 16 reviews for painting.

Before picking a Tasker, you can further sort the list of Taskers with additional filters such as only Taskers who work in the evenings or mornings, or a job within the next 3 days.

You will not be able to contact or chat with the Tasker until you have booked. After you have been booked, you will be able to chat, adjust task details, or change to the job date.

#3. Choose Date & Time

This is when you pick an actual day and time for your Tasker to do your job. Simply choose a day on their calendar and a specific time.

#4. Confirm Details

At this stage, you are asked to confirm the job description, the date & time, and to input your credit card number. And again, you have to complete this step before you can chat with the Tasker.

On this page, TaskRabbit also has two links towards their cancellation policy and their 15% trust and support fee (included in the fee rate). It's also important to note that any expenses accrued by the Tasker such as buying a paint brush is not included in the hourly fee.

TaskRabbits Customer Cancellation Policy

The company does have a policy stating that you may be charged a one hour based fee if you cancel a task within 24-hours of the job.

TaskRabbit reviews each cancellation policy internally, and decides whether it is warranted. If they determine that the Tasker is not at fault, you will likely be charged.

TaskRabbit has this policy because the Tasker has set aside time for your job and may have rejected other job offers in order to accept yours. You can review the cancellation policy here.

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What's My Verdict?

When I reviewed TaskRabbit, I noticed that the Taskers are largely just average people as compared to professional companies. If I want to get a plumbing job done with Thumbtack, it will bring up a list of qualified plumbing companies.

But with TaskRabbit, it is highly unlikely to pull up a licensed plumber or company.

And even the Taskers with plumbing experience, you will be able to see in their profile that they also take other types of jobs such as furniture assembly, yard work, and painting jobs.

I don't think there is anything wrong with that, it is just a different type of marketplace. If you need random tasks done around your home, then TaskRabbit is probably a better fit.  

However, if you are looking for truly professional home services, such as from an actual company --- I think Thumbtack is a better bet.

I like that Thumbtack sends highly filtered leads to pros, and it also has built-in lead protection features such as lead discounting. Also, Thumbtack just has a great aesthetic design and is now currently valued at over a billion dollars --- it is primed to get much bigger --- specifically designed for professional companies.

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