How To Wire a Bathroom Fan and Light On One Switch (8-Step Guide)

If you are looking for some guidance on how to hook up a light and fan combo kit to one switch, you have come to the right place! 

In this guide, you will learn:

  • Wiring a bathroom fan and light to one switch
  • How to wire a bathroom fan to an existing light switch
  • How to convert individually switched bathroom fan and light to one switch
  • And more!
How To Wire a Bathroom Fan and Light On One Switch

It is important to have a good understanding of how your homes electrical system works before beginning any electrical project.  If it turns out that you really aren't sure how to do something, be sure to stop and call a local electrician to come and give you a hand.  Electrical safety needs to be a top priority! 

Keep reading to learn the 8 steps on wiring a bathroom fan with light on one switch!

What You Need To Know About Wiring A Bathroom Fan and Light Together

If you are installing a new fixture that has a fan and light together, this will be a fairly easy project because your wiring is all where it needs to be already.  

If you are combining an individual fan and an individual light that you want to control from one switch, you will need a piece of wire run between the two, to connect them together. A bathroom fan and light double switch will be missing this 'jumper wire' that allows you to use a single switch.

If you are removing a switch, it is best to remove any wiring that goes with it if possible. Be sure to keep track of what wire is going to be reused.

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Supplies And Tools Needed

  • Voltage Meter - Used to verify power is off 
  • Screwdriver - Used to install covers and make wire terminations
  • Wire Strippers - Used to strip the insulation off the individual wires
  • Utility Knife - Used to remove the outer jacket 
  • Electrical Tape - Used to wrap the outlet around the termination screws as another layer of safety   
  • Pigtails - Used to connect multiple wires to one termination point
  • Wire Nuts - Used to tie multiple wires together

8 Steps To Wiring A Bathroom Fan And Light On Same Switch

  1. Get Familiar with the Fixtures
  2. Verify the Wiring
  3. Turn Power Off
  4. Install Extra Wiring
  5. Wire Bath Fan With Light
  6. Wire the Bathroom Fan And Light Switch Combo
  7. Verify Wiring and Install Covers
  8. Turn Power On

Step 1 - Get Familiar with the Fixtures

Read through the installation guide to become familiar with the bathroom fan before you begin the project.

This will tell you how each fixture should be wired and what color your hot wires are. This is especially important when it comes to wiring a fan and light to one switch. I invite you to read our detailed guide on identifying wire colors here.

Step 2 - Verify the Wiring

Verify the wiring in the bathroom fan so they don't get mixed up.

Without touching any bare wire, verify what wire goes to your light or fan from the switch, and what wire is your main power wire.

How To Wire a Bathroom Fan and Light On One Switch (1)

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Step 3 - Turn Power Off

Turn off power at the breaker so you don't get shocked.

It is best to verify power is off using your voltage meter before touching any bare wires. Touch one probe to the black wire on the switch and then touch the other to the ground wire.  The meter should read 0-volts.  

Do this for both switches if you are eliminating an existing switch.  

Step 4 - Install Extra Wiring

Install a wire between the light fixture and the fan if they are individual units.

This will allow you to wire them together so they can be controlled off the same switch. Learn how to make a jumper wire with this helpful guide from

Step 5 - Wiring Bath Fan With Light

If you have a fan and light combo:

Take the hot wire from the fan, the hot wire from the light, and wire nut it together with the hot wire coming from the switch.  All the neutrals will be connected together, and the same with the ground wires. 

If you have an individual fan and light:

Wire the fan and light using the jumper wire that you installed.  The wire coming from the switch will tie together with the fixture hot wire and the hot from the jumper wire.  Then at the other fixture, the hot from the jumper and the hot from the fixture will be tied together with a wire nut.  

The neutrals will get tied together with a wire nut, and the same will happen with all the grounds.

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Step 6 - Wire the Bathroom Fan And Light Switch Combo

If you only had one switch: 

Connect the wires to the switch.

If you only had one switch previously, it is as easy as taking the hot wire coming from the fixtures and hooking it on to one of the brass screws on the switch.  The other brass screw should already have a hot wire hooked on it that is bringing power to the switch.

If you eliminated one switch:

The wiring is the same if you only had one switch to start.  

The difference is you will want to make sure that you are hooking the correct wire back up.  

It is a good practice to remove all wiring that you are no longer using, if possible.  If not, you will want to tape the ends of the wire up with electrical tape and put a label on it saying what it was for, then tuck it in the back of the box. 

Step 7 - Verify the Wiring and Install covers

Look over the wiring and terminations before buttoning everything up.  

Make sure everything is hooked where it should be; the screws on the switches are tight, and the wire nuts are twisted on to ALL the wires securely.  

Take electrical tape and put a wrap around the body of the switch to help prevent any accidental shorts, or shocks.  

Once complete put all covers back on. 

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Step 8 - Turn Power On 

Turn the power back on at the breaker once everything is closed back up.  

Test the switch to make sure everything is working properly, and you're done! 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can You Put a Bathroom Fan and Light on the Same Switch?

Yes, you can hook your fan and light to the same switch. 

How Do I Wire a Light and Fan to One Switch?

When wiring a bathroom fan and light together, you tie the fan power wire and the light power wire together with wire coming from the switch using a wire nut. 

How Do You Wire A Bathroom Exhaust Fan With Light? 

You can either wire the fan and the light on individual switches, or you can wire them together on the same switch. 

How Do You Wire a Fan Light Combo? 

To wire a fan light combo, you can wire both to the same switch, or you can wire them to individual switches. This way they are not on at the same time.

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Final Thoughts

It can be a very easy project to wire up a bathroom fan and light to one switch. Make sure you have the correct wires going where they need to go and turn the power off before beginning.  

If at any point you don't feel like this is a project you can complete safely, make sure you stop and call in the professionals for help.  

I hope you enjoyed this Home Inspector Secrets guide!

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  1. I have bath fan that stopped working, I replaced the motor but did not correct the problem. The fan/light are on one switch. In the fan there is a blue wire that is connected to the the light outlet and a white wire connect to the fan outlet, both are not connected to anything. Also connected to the outlets are a blackwire to the fan outlet and a white wire to the light outlet. The light works but not the fan.

  2. I’ve got a new Broan fan light combo that I intend to use to replace the single light in my bathrm.
    Is it really as easy as step 5 per your instructions…
    Connecting hots from fan, light and switch. Connecting neutrals and grounds….? No new wires or jumpers etc…plz correct me if I’m not understanding TY

  3. Pls help me how to wire bathroom exhaust fan to existing light at the bathroom and make a separate switch for fan and light,pls give me a diagram with color coded wire,thank you and more power to you!


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