How To Measure Shower Door Sizes (4 Step Guide)

How To Measure For A Shower Door Install?

Measuring for a new shower door isn’t very difficult, but it is important to follow a basic plan.

The first step is to know the height of your shower door because it will impact where you measure. The second step is to measure the width at the bottom (above the shower curb), in the middle, and at the top. The third and fourth step is to check the plumbness of the walls, note any width differences, and to choose the largest width measurement for the door.

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Read below for more details on each step…

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Step 1. Determine The Height of The Shower Door

Even before figuring out the width measurements, you should know the height of your shower door.

If you have a tile surround, just measure to the top of the tile.

If you have a vinyl surround, you may need to measure all the way to the ceiling.

It’s also important to decide which way the door will open or slide, and to make sure your shower door will open properly. Many doors are reversible but not all.

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Step 2. Measure The Width

From the tile (wall must be finished) or acrylic, take a tape measure and determine the width at the bottom of the shower opening, the middle, and the top.

For the bottom measurement, place the tape measure just above the bottom shower curb.

And the top measurement should be near the top of the door, but not beyond the wall tile.

Step 3. Check Plumbness

After taking the bottom, middle, and top width measurements — you should check the door opening for plumbness.

Plumb basically means the ‘straightness’ of the wall. If the shower wall is not plumb, but crooked, it may impact the installation of the shower door.

The easiest way is to use a bubble level, but to also analyze your width measurements. With older homes, it is pretty common that the upper shower area has a larger width than near the shower curb.

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Step 4. Choose Shower Door Width Size

If the walls are plumb, and the width measurements are the same, then go with that width dimension.

But if the walls are not plumb, you will need to order a shower door that allows an ‘out of plumb’ installation. Some shower doors are designed to allow a 1/4-inch or 1/2-inch variance in the installation.

You will also want to choose the shower door with of your largest width measurement.

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Final Thoughts

Probably the most important step is measuring the bottom, middle, and top of the shower door area — and to choose the largest measurement. And if there is a 1/4-inch or 1/2-inch difference, you will also need to buy a shower door that allows an ‘out of plumb’ installation.

Some doors are designed to allow wall width differences and it isn’t a big deal. But other shower doors may not be so accommodating.

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