How To Clean Glass Shower Doors? (3 Step Guide)

Don't you hate it when your glass shower door becomes cloudy and gross?

Soap scum can difficult to remove, but fortunately there a few trusted ways to remove it.

In this guide, I will go over...

  • Using high acidity 'cleaning' vinegar
  • The equal parts vinegar and dish soap trick
  • And for the toughest stains I recommend Bar Keepers Friend
  • Preventing soap scum with a squeegee
how to clean glass shower door guide

1. Use High Acidity 'Cleaning' Vinegar

Probably the most well-known glass cleaner for showers is distilled white vinegar.

But many people don't know that there is a special cleaning vinegar that has up to 10% acidity rather than the normal 5% vinegar acidity. This higher acidity cleaning vinegar (also known as full-strength vinegar) will work especially well for cleaning glass shower doors, but you want to be careful not to get it on your skin --- so wear gloves.

Simply spray the cleaning vinegar onto the glass shower door, and wait 5-10 minutes to let it soak and loosen the soap scum. After it has soaked, you can scrub the glass door with a sponge, a soft bristle brush, or a microfiber cloth.

Once you have scrubbed the glass shower door, simply rinse it off with the removable shower head or with a small bucket filled with water.

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2. Mix Equal Parts Vinegar And Dish Soap

For really stubborn soap scum, I recommend taking it up a notch by adding dish soap to the vinegar. All you have to do is mix equal parts of vinegar and dish soap (such as Dawn) into a spray bottle, and top it off with regular water.

Once the spray bottle is full, shake it around to thoroughly mix the solution. Now you just spray this glass cleaner for showers onto the door and let it sit for 5 minutes. Now you just spray this cleaning solution onto the glass shower door and let it sit for 5 minutes. Then you take a sponge or microfiber cloth and scrub the shower door.

The soap scum should easily come off after you rinse it off with fresh water.

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3. Bar Keepers Friend For Toughest Stains

Bar Keepers Friend or BKF is a tried and true cleanser for all types of household objects but it works especially well for glass shower doors.

In fact, if you have really stubborn mineral deposits and soap scum on your shower door, this will be your best bet to get it off. Bar Keepers Friend powdered cleanser will remove extremely difficult hard water spots, soap scum, and other residue on the glass.

Simply mix some of this powder into a spray bottle, and spray it onto the glass shower door. Likewise, you can also mix some BKF with water in a bowl, and rub it onto the glass shower door.

Let it sit for 5-10 minutes, and then rub off the soap scum with a sponge or microfiber cloth.

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How To Keep Glass Shower Door Clean?

After cleaning your glass shower door, you will probably do everything you can to keep it clean.

The easiest way to keep your shower door crystal clear is to use a squeegee after every shower. Using a squeegee will prevent the water and soap from drying on the glass, similar to drying your car with a soft rag after washing.

All you have to do is sweep downwards from the top of the shower door to the bottom with the squeegee --- it shouldn't take more than 30 seconds.

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Final Thoughts

Cleaning a glass shower door can be as easy as spraying high acidity vinegar onto the shower door and rubbing the soap scum off. But for harder to clean shower doors, mixing equal parts dish soap and vinegar should do the trick. 

And for super tough and dirty glass shower doors, I highly recommend using Bar Keepers Friend. Simply mix Bar Keepers Friend with some warm water, and preferably in a spray bottle. Spray this solution onto the glass shower door and let it sit --- then scrub it off with a sponge.

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