Top 5 Best Panasonic Bathroom Fans (2024 Review)

Want to learn about the best Panasonic bathroom fans?

The top Panasonic exhaust fans are quiet, have advanced features, and are easy to install.

In this guide, I will go over...

  • My #1 top pick for the best Panasonic bathroom fan
  • Why Panasonic fans are so efficient
  • The noise rating of Panasonic exhaust fans

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top best rated panasonic bathroom fan reviews

1. WhisperFitEZ
  • 80-cfm or 110-cfm
  • Flex Install Bracket
  • Only 0.3 Sone
  • 80-cfm or 110-cfm
  • Flex Install Bracket
  • Only 0.3 Sone
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2. WhisperWarm
  • Heating Element
  • 50-80-100 CFM
  • ECM Motor
  • Heating Element
  • 50-80-100 CFM
  • ECM Motor
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3. WhisperSense
  • Humidity Sensing
  • Motion Sensor
  • 50, 80, or 110-cfm
  • Humidity Sensing
  • Motion Sensor
  • 50, 80, or 110-cfm
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4. WhisperGreen
  • LED Light
  • Night Light
  • 80-cfm or 110-cfm
  • LED Light
  • Night Light
  • 80-cfm or 110-cfm
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5. WhisperValue
  • Low Profile
  • 50, 80, or 100-cfm
  • L-shaped Bracket
  • Low Profile
  • 50, 80, or 100-cfm
  • L-shaped Bracket
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My Overall #1 Rated Pick

panasonic whisperfit
  • Flip a switch for 80-cfm or 110-cfm
  • Quiet at 0.3 sone
  • FlexZ Fast install bracket
  • Low profile (good for remodels)

My overall top pick for the best Panasonic bathroom exhaust fan goes to the WhisperFitEZ. This fan has a cool feature where you can flip a switch on the housing (just remove cover) and pick between 80-cfm or 110-cfm. The motor is also highly efficient and quiet at only 0.3 sone. The WhisperFitEZ has a low profile which makes it a good option for remodels, and it includes the FlexZ Fast installation bracket.

How Efficient Are Panasonic Bathroom Fans?

Panasonic uses high quality ECM (electrically commutated motor) motors in their exhaust fans which use less energy but exhaust more air.

These fan motors are four pole AC & DC motors. Since they are four-pole, the motors run smoother and at greater efficiency than conventional bathroom fans.

And of course, this translates to quieter exhaust fans as well as more energy efficiency — they cost far less to run over a year.

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top best rated panasonic bathroom exhaust fan reviews

What Is The Energy Cost To Run A Panasonic Bathroom Fan?

If you want to determine the cost to run your Panasonic fan over a year, there is a simple calculation which you can make.

First, find out the wattage of the bathroom ventilation fan. For example, the WhisperFitEZ is about 25-watts. And just for comparison, the older Broan 671 bathroom fan uses a whopping 250-watts — it uses 10 times more energy.

If you convert 25-watts to kWh, it comes out to 0.6-kWh energy use per day. Over a whole year, it consumes 219-kWh  (365 days times 0.6-kWh) . 

The average cost for each kilo watt hour in the USA is about 12-cents. So 219-kWh times $0.12 is $26.

Basically, if you run your WhisperFitEZ continuously for an entire year, you will pay around $26. And most homeowners won't keep their fan on continuously by a long shot.

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What Is SmartFlow Technology?

Since Panasonic motors are ECM, the motor can adjust its speed on the fly to meet your target CFM.

Especially Panasonic vent fans with SmartFlow technology, the bathroom fan will automatically speed up when it senses static pressure. So if you have a duct run with a few turns, then you don't have to worry about not getting your target CFM because the fan will speed up on its own.

How Quiet Are Panasonic Bathroom Exhaust Fans?

Most Panasonic bathroom fans are 1.0 sone or less, which is a sound rating, and it means they are very quiet.

Panasonic also likes to use larger blower wheels because when it is larger, it can move more air (higher RPM) and with less sound. Basically, the smaller the blower wheel, the less air it will move (lower RPM), and with much more noise.

Panasonic has some of the quietest bathroom fans on the market.


Sound for ventilation fans is rated in sones. I invite you to read my full guide on bathroom fan sones right here.

Basically, the lower the sones, the quieter the bathroom vent fan. Anything that is rated at 1.0 sone or less, I would consider very quiet. The very loud builder grade bathroom fan that is in most homes is in the 4.0 sone range.

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Noise Complaints

To be honest, homeowners complaining about noisy bathroom fans is one of the biggest complaints in the industry — and Panasonic fans aren't immune. Unfortunately, there are factors independent of the fan that can increase noise.

When Panasonic tests their exhaust fans for noise, it is under ideal environments. So if Panasonic uses and recommends using a 4-inch duct, but you have a 3-inch duct — then your noise is going to be louder because of the increased resistance.

And you also don't want to assume that the bath fan is actually drawing air out of the house, the vent duct may not even be connected inside the wall. You can verify air flow by turning on the fan and checking for air flow at the exterior cover.

And you can also increase noise for every duct turn and the longer the duct run. If you have three 90-degree turns, and your duct is 30-feet long, this will significantly add noise.

To reach these stated Panasonic sone rating, the most important factor is matching the duct recommendation  — usually either 4-inch or 6-inch.

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What Is A Panasonic Bathroom Exhaust Fan?

Panasonic bathroom vent fans are high quality exhaust fans that are designed to remove moisture and foul smells from your bathroom if installed correctly.

Panasonic sells a range of different exhaust fan features and sizes.

Most of the CFM (rating for fan speed) is in the range of 50-cfm and all the way up to 110-cfm. I recommend buying a fan with at least 50-cfm for its speed. You can read my full guide on how to size a bathroom fan here.

What Is Panasonic Corporation?

Panasonic Corporation was founded in 1918 as a lightbulb socket manufacturer in Osaka, Japan.

The company has grown into a multinational leading electronics company making consumer electronics, car and avionic equipment, and residential and construction equipment. Lately, Panasonic has partnered with Tesla to supply battery cells and solar panels.

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What Are The Best Panasonic Bathroom Fans?

Here is my roundup of the best panasonic exhaust fans. I have included a short description and their pros and cons. Check it out below...

panasonic whisperfit

My #1 top pick goes to the WhisperFitEZ by Panasonic for the best bathroom vent fan. 

The WhisperFitEZ allows you to choose between 80 or 110 cfm. If 80-cfm isn't strong enough for you, just flip a switch on the housing and you can instantly go to 110-cfm. It also has a low profile which is great for remodeling or tight ceiling cavities.

The WhisperFitEZ comes with a Flex-Z Fast installation bracket which should make for an easier installation. The Panansonic motor is highly efficient and the sound rating is only 0.3 sones—extremely quiet.

  • Flip a switch for 80 or 110-cfm
  • Flex-Z Fast installation bracket
  • Quiet at only 0.3 sones
  • Complaints of being louder than expected
  • Poor instructions

The WhisperWarm by Panasonic is a premium combo bathroom fan that includes a heater.

The 1600-watt heater features a stainless steel sheathed heating element that will quickly warm up your bathroom on those chilly mornings.

This fan has panasonics "pick a flow" technology so you can choose between 50, 80, or 110 cfm.

The 110-cfm fan speed is powerful enough for most bathrooms and the sound rating is only 0.7 sones.

  • 1600-watt  heating element
  • Quiet at 0.7 sones
  • Intelligent ECM motor
  • Choose 50, 80, or 110 cfm
  • Complaints of being louder than expected
  • Takes longer than infrared heat lamps

The WhisperSense by Panasonic is a premium bathroom fan that includes a humidity sensor.

The humidity sensor will turn on the bathroom fan when the moisture level reaches your target, and then it will turn off when the humidity drops.

In addition to the humidity sensor, there is also a motion sensor which you can optionally use to turn the fan on or off based on movement. You can pick the cfm for this fan between 50, 80, or 100-cfm — there is a small switch under the cover.

  • Humidity sensor
  • Motion sensor
  • Pick your cfm (50, 80, or 110)
  • Quiet at 0.3 sone
  • Designed only for 4" or 6" duct (need reducer for 3")
  • Motion sensor can be oversensitive if not pointing correctly

The WhisperGreen by Panasonic is a high quality bathroom fan that includes an LED light.

The LED light is a 10-watt LED chip panel and it is dimmable. It also includes a 1-watt LED nightlight so you can have a warm light in the evening.

And you can flip a switch inside the housing and pick either 80 or 110-cfm.

This fan is also quiet at 0.3 sones, hence the name whisper.

  • LED chip panel
  • 1-watt night light
  • Quiet at 0.3 sone
  • Pick 80-cfm or 110-cfm
  • LED chip panel not replaceable easily like bulbs

The WhisperValue by Panasonic is a great budget friendly bathroom fan. It has a low profile and will even fit in 2x4 construction (minimal thickness).

You can also pick the fan speed on this unit, either 50-cfm, 80-cfm, or 100-cfm just by flipping a switch on the housing.

The ECM high quality motor uses SmartFlow technology to optimize the fan speed and should extend its life.

L-shaped bracket simplifies installation on new construction.

  • Low profile
  • Pick 50, 80, or 100-cfm
  • L-shaped install bracket
  • If not 4" duct you will need adapter

My #1 Top Pick: Panasonic WhisperFitEZ Bathroom Fan

My top pick for the best Panasonic bathroom fan goes to the WhisperFitEZ. Here's why...

#1. Pick A Flow

The WhisperFitEZ allows you to just flip a small switch (after removing cover) and choose between 80-cfm or 110-cfm. Most other bathroom fans do not have this feature.

#2. Low Profile

This fan has a low profile which should make it easier to install in your ceiling or wall. Basically, the housing thickness is much less than the standard fan.

#3. Quality Motor

The Panasonic motor is a high quality and efficient motor that will extend the life of yoru bathroom fan.

#4. Quiet

Since this fan is rated at only 0.3 sone, this bathroom fan is extremely quiet.

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top best rated panasonic bathroom exhaust fan reviews

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