Top 5 Best Broan-Nutone Bathroom Exhaust Fans (2024 Review)

Want to find the best Broan-Nutone bathroom exhaust fan?

Broan-Nutone has a family of vent fans with different features and sizes.

In this product review guide, I will go over...

  • My #1 top pick
  • Tips on choosing the best Broan-Nutone fan
  • Detailed product reviews

Let's get started with this guide!

top best rated broan nutone bathroom exhaust fan reviews

  • Quiet
  • Stops Air Leaks
  • Compact
  • Quiet
  • Stops Air Leaks
  • Compact
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  • Very Quiet
  • Hanger Bars
  • 75-cfm
  • Very Quiet
  • Hanger Bars
  • 75-cfm
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  • 0.7 sone
  • 110-cfm
  • Continuous Engineering
  • 0.7 sone
  • 110-cfm
  • Continuous Engineering
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  • 1500W Heater
  • 100W Light
  • 7W Night Light
  • 1500W Heater
  • 100W Light
  • 7W Night Light
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  • 50-cfm
  • 100W Light
  • Permanently Lubricated
  • 50-cfm
  • 100W Light
  • Permanently Lubricated
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My Overall #1 Rated Pick

Broan-Nutone AE110
  • 110-cfm fan speed (also 80-cfm)
  • Compact housing for easier install
  • Quiet at 1.0 sone
  • TrueSeal Damper tech to prevent air leaks

My overall top pick for the best Broan-Nutone bathroom exhaust fan goes to the AE110. This bathroom fan is great for medium sized to large bathrooms to remove moisture and odors. The compact housing means that it should be easier to install in your ceiling and without attic access. This fan is also quiet at only 1.0 sone which is in the whispering level of sound. It also reduces air leaks with its TrueSeal Damper technology.

Top 5 Best Broan-Nutone Bathroom Fans

Only have a minute? Check out our top 5 best Broan-NuTone bathroom fans below! Keep reading for the full reviews of each pick.

  1. Broan-Nutone AE110 Bathroom Fan 
  2. Broan-Nutone QTXE080 Bath Vent Fan
  3. Broan-Nutone QTXE110 Exhaust Fan
  4. Broan-Nutone 9093WH Bathroom Fan 
  5. Broan-Nutone 678 Bathroom Fan

How To Pick The Best Broan-Nutone Bathroom Fan?

The best Broan-Nutone bathroom exhaust fan should be appropriately sized for your bathroom (cfm rating), be suitably quiet, and the ease of installation is a definite factor. 

Here are some of my top considerations when buying a new Broan-Nutone bathroom exhaust fan...

#1. CFM

Probably the most important consideration when buying a Broan-Nutone fan is the CFM or fan speed. 

CFM stands for cubic feet per minute, and it is a measurement of how powerful the bathroom fan is at exhausting air. Most bathroom fans are in the range of 50-cfm and all the way up to 150-cfm. The average CFM is probably in the 75-cfm range.

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Minimum CFM

If your bathroom floor size is in the 50 to 100 square foot range, then you can simply take your square footage as the number for a minimum CFM.

And if your bathroom is 75 square feet, you should choose a minimum 75-cfm bathroom fan. If you have a small bathroom of 50 square feet, the CFM should be at least 50 CFM. If your bathroom is 100 square feet, a minimum 100-cfm bath fan is sufficient.

If your bathroom is greater than 100 square feet, then you should add up the number of fixtures in your bathroom at increments of 50-cfm.

If you have one shower, one bathtub, and one toilet — then you want at minimum a bath fan with a 150-cfm rating (50-cfm per fixture) for the whole bathroom (or one 50-cfm fan, and a second 100-cfm fan). Keep in mind, if you have an enclosed toilet, it should have its own fan. You can read my full guide on bathroom fan sizing here.

Pro Tip: It's also a good idea to have at least a 3/4-inch gap under your bathroom door in order to provide intake air for your fan. 

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#2. Ease of Installation

Let's just face it: some bathroom fans are easier to install than others.

Some Broan-Nutone fans come with adjustable installation brackets that can make it much easier to install. In addition, if you are replacing an existing bathroom fan, you should consider how difficult it will be to install that particular Broan model in your ceiling.

Some Broan-Nutone bathroom fans have slimmer profiles which will make it easier to install. Basically, the thicker the bathroom fan is, then the more difficult it will be to install.

Some Broan-Nutone fans are specifically stated by Broan to be good for retrofit installations, and others are better suited for new construction.

It's a good idea to read some customer reviews on the installation reputation of the particular Broan-Nutone fan you are interested in.

#3. Wall Switch

It's also important to consider your wall switch when you are considering a new Broan-Nutone bathroom fan.

If you buy a bathroom fan with a light, humidity sensor, or heater — you will likely have to route some extra electrical wiring from the bath fan to a new multi-toggle or multi- function wall switch.

If you buy a bathroom fan with extra features, and you want to be able to control them separately, then extra wiring is just part of the game. But if you don't want to do extra wiring, then you should buy a bathroom fan that matches as closely as possible the existing bathroom fan.

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top best rated broan nutone bathroom exhaust fans reviews

#4. Noise

One of the biggest gripes homeowners have about bathroom fans is the noise.

Bathroom fan have their noise level measures in sones, which is a sound rating of the loudness perceived by humans. It is a little different than decibels which is a physical measurement of sound waves.

Any bathroom fans that are in the 1.0 sone or less is considered quiet in my book. Bath fans in the 3-4 sone range are considered loud. The older Broan bathroom fans that are in so many homes are in the 4.0 sone range.

I recently wrote a detailed guide on bathoom fan sones, check it out.

#5. Duct Sizes

The recommended duct size for your new Broan-Nutone can also be a big factor in your choice of the best one.

All CFMs and sone levels are relative to the duct size that the fan was designed and tested for. If the fan was tested using a 4-inch duct size, then the CFM and sone rating is only applicable for that particular duct size. Keep in mind that most newer Broan-Nutone bathroom fans call for larger duct sizes.

Basically, the larger the duct size, the quieter the bathroom fan will be and the greater its CFM performance — larger duct equals more air flow and less resistance.

A lot of older homes still use 3-inch duct vent sizes for their bathroom fans, but these newer fans call for 4-inch or even 6-inch duct hoses. If you keep your existing 3-inch duct, it can drastically increase the noise level and decrease the actual CFM of your bathroom fan.

And don't forget to use an insulated flex duct if your vent goes through an attic to prevent condensation, moisture damage, and mold.

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What Is A Broan-Nutone Bathroom Fan?

A Broan-Nutone fan is a bathroom exhaust fan that is capable of removing moisture and odors from your bathroom.

Broan-Nutone fans come in a variety of fan types but some of their most common are standard bathroom exhaust fans, bathroom fans with additional lighting, and bath fans with heaters.

Broan and Nutone are both globally recognized brands that are under the umbrella of the Broan family of brands. Broan is headquarted in Hartford, Wisconsin, and currently employs over 2,500 people in several different countries.

Reviews of the Best Broan-Nutone Vent Fans

Here are my reviews of the best Broan-Nutone bath vent fans. I have included a brief description and a few of their pros and cons. Check it out below...

My #1 top pick for the best Broan-Nutone AE110 is a premium bathroom fan that is rated at 110-cfm (also comes in 80-cfm) to control moisture in your bath.

The AE110 is perfect for a fan replacement or retrofit and doesn't require attic access for installation because of its compact housing. It is rated at 1.0-sone which is in the whisper quiet zone.

With Broans TrueSeal Damper technology, this bathroom fan was created to reduce air leakage by up to 50% compared to standard bath fans.

  • 110-cfm (80-cfm model also)
  • 1.0-sone
  • Reduce air leakage
  • Compact housing
  • Difficult installation
  • Complaints of being noisy

The QTXE080 by Broan-Nutone is a high quality bathroom fan that is suitable for medium to large sized bathrooms — fan speed is 80-cfm.

This fan is rated at 0.3 sones which is extremely quiet.

Though, it does recommend using a large 6-inch duct size for the stated performance.

The Broan-Nutone fan uses a hanger bar system which is a metal bracket that is connected to the joists — making the install much easier.

The motor is permanently lubricated and was engineered for homeowners who keep it on frequently.

  • Quiet at 0.3 sones
  • 75-cfm for medium bathrooms
  • Hanger bar install brackets
  • Difficult installation
  • Requires 6-inch duct

The QTXE110 by Broan-Nutone is a high quality bathroom fan that is rated at 110-cfm, suitable for medium to larger bathrooms.

This bath fan is engineered for continuous operation which means that it is made to be energy efficient even if you always keep it on.

It is also rated at 0.7-sones which means it is very quiet compared to standard bath fans.

The QTXE110 comes with hanger bars which should make it an easier installation.

  • 110-cfm for larger baths
  • Motor engineered for continous usage
  • Quiet at 0.7-sones
  • Poor instructions 
  • May be louder than expected

The 9093WH is a premium combo bath fan than includes a light, a nightlight, and a heater.

The heater provides a nice touch of heat on those chilly mornings and evenings, rated up to 1500-watts.

The light (bulb not included) is 100-watts and the night light is 7-watts — a nice way to add lighting without installing a separate fixture.

This combo bathroom exhaust fan by Broan-Nutone is 70-cfm so it is for small to medium sized bathrooms.

The sound rating is 3.5 sones.

  • Includes 1500-watt heater
  • 100-watt light and 7-watt night light
  • 70-cfm for medium sized bathrooms
  • Loud
  • Complaints of poor heating capacity

The Broan-Nutone 678 is a great budget pick for smaller bathrooms.

This bathroom exhaust fan will effectively remove odors and moisture from your small sized bathroom.

It comes with a 100-watt light for additional illumination (bulb is not included), and the light lens is shatter resistant.

This combo bathroom fan is rated at 50-cfm and it has a permanently lubricated motor so maintenance is kept to a minimum.

The sound rating is 2.5-sones for a moderately noisy fan.

  • 50-cfm for smaller baths
  • Includes 100-watt light
  • Permenantely lubricated motor
  • Noisy
  • Old technology

My #1 Top Pick: Broan-Nutone AE110 Bathroom Fan 

My top pick for the best Broan-Nutone bathroom exhaust fan goes to the AE110. Here's why...

#1. Compact Housing

Since this fan is more slender than competing bathroom fans, it should make for a much easier install in your ceiling. Basically, the thinner the bathroom fan is, the easier it will be to install. 

#2. TrueSeal Damper

This fan features TrueSeal Damper technology and which Broan-Nutone claims can reduce air leaks from this fan by up to 50%. Broan-Nutone states that they tested it with blower door testing.

#3. Quiet

Its not the quietest fan on the market, but it is still pretty darn quiet at 1.0 sone.

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top best rated broan nutone bathroom exhaust fans reviews

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