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Top 5 Best Bathroom Fan Timer Switches (2023 Review)

Do you want to find the best bathroom fan timer switch?

Timer switches allow you to control a fan (or other appliance) by pushing a button for a preset time, and automatically turn off the fan when the timer ends.

In this product review, I will go over...

  • My #1 top pick for the best timer switch
  • Pros and cons of top rated timer switches
  • Tips on buying timer switches

Let's get started with this guide!

top best rated bathroom fan timer switches reviews

  • 5min to 60min
  • Shows Time Remaining
  • World-Renowned
  • 5min to 60min
  • Shows Time Remaining
  • World-Renowned
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  • 5min to 4hr
  • LED Light
  • Impact Resistant
  • 5min to 4hr
  • LED Light
  • Impact Resistant
View on Amazon
  • 5min to 60min
  • Knob Control
  • Two Wall Plates
  • 5min to 60min
  • Knob Control
  • Two Wall Plates
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Leviton Decora
  • 5min to 30min
  • LED Light
  • Override Timer And Off Buttons
  • 5min to 30min
  • LED Light
  • Override Timer And Off Buttons
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  • 10min to 60min
  • LED Light
  • Wiring Diagram
  • 10min to 60min
  • LED Light
  • Wiring Diagram
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My Overall #1 Rated Pick

Lutron Maestro

Updated On January 2, 2023

  • 5min to 60min timer
  • Shows the time remaining by LED
  • Easy installation
  • Includes rocker button
  • World-renowned company

My overall top pick for the best bathroom exhaust fan timer switch goes to Lutron. This wall timer switch ranges from 5min and all the way up to 60min, which is more than enough time for a bathroom fan. The nice thing about this Lutron timer is that the LED light will show you the time remaining unlike most other timer switches. To operate, you simply press the start button, and then use the rocker to choose your timer setting.

Top 5 Best Bathroom Fan Timer Switches

Short on time? Check out our top 5 bathroom fan timer switches! Keep reading for more details on each pick and to see our buyer's guide.

  1. Lutron Maestro
  2. Enerlites
  3. BN-LINK
  4. Leviton Decora
  5. Woods


One thing that home inspectors frequently recommend to their clients is to install timer switches for their bathroom exhaust fans. A timer switch allows the user to choose a preset time, and when that time elapses, the bathroom fan will automatically turn off. 

These switches are great to use for bathroom fans because you want to operate the bath fan for at least 15min to 30min after you take a shower to remove all of the moisture. And unless you have a perfect memory, you will likely forget to turn off the bathroom fan.

There are two primary types of delay-off timers, the push button and the rotary knob. With the push button, it is usually as simple as choosing your desired time, such as between 5min or 60min, and push the button. A rotary knob doesn't have any buttons, but you literally turn a knob to your desired time, similar to a timer knob on a toaster oven.

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LED Indicator Lights

Most timer switches have LED indicator lights, and this is a useful feature which allows you to confirm you chose the correct time. And on top of that, the LED indicator light is sometimes bright enough that you can pick the correct setting even in the dark.

However, this is one reason that timer switches aren't always the best thing to install in a bedroom, because the LED light can get annoying.

There is also at least one brand of timer switch that has a countdown timer. With the Lutron timer switch, the LED light will actually change as your time remaining lowers, so you can visually see how much time is left on your timer switch.

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Neutral Wire

One problem with the installation of timer switches is that some of them require a neutral wire.

If your bathroom fan wall switch doesn't have a neutral wire, you will have to install one to get these timer switches to work. If you have an older home, there is a decent chance that you don't have neutral conductors, and I would verify this by removing the wall switch after you shutoff the power.

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What Is The Best Bathroom Fan Timer Switch?

Here are my full reviews of the best bathroom fan timer switches with their pros and cons. Check it out below...

My #1 top pick is the Maestro by Lutron. It is a high quality timer switch made by a world-renowned brand for intelligent switches.

This timer has six pre-set timers up to 60 minutes. All you have to do is hit the start button, then use the rocker button to select your preferred timer up to 60min.

The LED indicator light will show you the time remaining. Lutron switches are easy to install and Lutron has DIY install videos available.

  • Easy installation
  • Shows time remaining by LED
  • Rocker button
  • Wall plate sold separately
  • Complaints of easily breaking

This Enerlites timer is a great addition to any bathroom to automatically turn off the bathroom fan.

With this bathroom fan timer, you can choose between 5min, 10min, 30min, 60min, 2hr, or 4hr. Simply push the desired time, and it will shutoff the vent fan to save energy.

It also features a blue LED light so you know the timer is set, and it also helps you choose the correct timer in the dark. These timer switches are easy to install, and are made of heat and impact resistant thermoplastic.

  • 6 preset timers (up to 4hrs)
  • Blue LED light helps in the dark
  • Impact resistant plastic
  • Easy to install
  • Must have neutral wire
  • Confusing light indicator (no light means switch is always on)

The BN-Link countdown timer is a premium wall switch that will automatically shut off your bathroom fan at your desired time.

With a convenient knob, this heavy duty timer can easily adjust up to 60-minutes and turn off your bathroom fan. Created with simplicity in mind, this knob timer can easily be controlled in the dark or with wet hands.

It even comes with two switch plates to match your toggle switch or decorator plate. This timer switch will easily work with any bathroom fan, but you can also use it to shutoff lights, heat lamps, appliances, and more.

  • Simple knob control
  • Up to 60-minute timer
  • Comes with two wall plates
  • Limited to 60-min
  • No indicator light
  • Audible ticking noise

The Decora by Leviton is a premium timer light switch that you can use for a bathroom exhaust fan. It has four pre-set timers ranging from 5-min and all the way up to 30-min.

I always recommend leaving the bath fan on at least 20-30min after you take a shower to remove all moisture.

This timer switch also has a off button and a hold and override timer button. The Decora timer switch has indicator lights so you know its set correctly.

  • Four pre-set timers up to 30-min
  • LED indicator light
  • Off and override buttons
  • Limited to 30-min
  • Neutral required

This Woods wall timer switch is a budget friendly unit to automatically turn off your bathroom fan.

It has 4 preset timers ranging from 10-min and all the way up to 60-min. It includes LED indicator lights to show which timer you picked.

The LED light is also bright enough so you can locate the switch in the dark and choose your desired setting.

The Woods timer switch includes a wall plate, and a wiring diagram is printed right on the timer switch itself for easy reference.

  • Four timer settings up to 60-min
  • LED indicator light is bright
  • Printed wiring diagram on side
  • No manual on/off
  • Complaints of inaccurate timer

My #1 Top Pick: Lutron Maestro

My overall top pick for the best bathroom fan timer switch goes to the Maestro by Lutron. Here's why...

#1. Six Timer Settings

This timer switch has 6 timer settings ranging from 5min and all the way up to 60min. To operate, you simply press the start button, and then use the rocker switch to choose your desired time.

#2. LED Shows Time Remaining

Unlike most other timer switches, the Lutron will actually show you the time remaining with its LED light. So as the time goes down, the LED will move down.

#3. World-Renowned Company

I think pretty much everyone has heard of Lutron, and they are world-renowed for their light switches. Some of the most expensive homes I have ever inspected were filled with Lutron wall switches.

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