How To Quiet A Noisy Refrigerator Compressor? (7 Step Guide)

Have you ever been doing something around the home only to be started by a loud and annoying fridge compressor?

Compressors typically have a ten year lifespan, but they can also make noise due to a loose bracket or even a dirty evaporator coil.

But it is essential to first determine the source of the loud noise, and to be certain it is from the compressor.

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In this guide, I will go over:

  • The 6 steps to quiet a noisy fridge compressor
  • Why you should gently press on the compressor parts to determine the noise source
  • Using wood shims to tighten up the compressor
  • How you can wrap the compressor with sound absorbing pads to deaden the noise

Keep reading to see our detailed 7 steps on quieting a noisy and annoying fridge compressor.

What You Need To Know About Refrigerator Compressor Noises?

The compressor is the heart of a refrigerator, and it works by pressurizing the refrigerant and circulating it throughout the fridge.

And the most common place for a compressor to make noise is where it is connected to the fridge—the rubber mounts. At the mounts, it may be a loose clip or bolt, or the rubber mount itself is broken.

But you may also just have a bad compressor that needs to be replaced.

If you have any doubts about working on your own refrigerator, please call in a professional. Working on your own fridge may void the warranty and cause other problems.

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Is The Noise From The Compressor?

Before attempting to quiet a noisy compressor, it would be a good idea to try to determine if it is even the compressor itself or if it is some other part such as the condenser fan. For one, the sounds should be coming from the rear of the refrigerator and not the bottom or sides.

Read our steps below to get the quietest fridge compressor:

Supplies You'll Need For Quieting A Loud Fridge Compressor

  • Rubber Mounts: You may need to buy at least one new rubber mount. If the mount is broken or loose, it may be causing an annoying sound each time the compressor runs. 
  • Wrench: You will need a wrench or some other tool to tighten the rubber mount bolt.
  • Wood Shims: Besides a new rubber mount, you may want to try to use a wood shim or other material to tighten up the mounts or to tighten up the compressor sides.
  • Sound Absorbing Pads: In addition to tightening the brackets, you may be able to deaden the noise by wrapping the compressor with sound absorbing material. Just make sure to maintain adequate ventilation to the compressor.

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How To Reduce Compressor Noises From Your Fridge? (7 Steps)

  1. Pull-Out & Unplug The Fridge
  2. Verify Noise Is From Compressor
  3. Unplug Condenser Fan
  4. Replace/Support The Rubber Mounts
  5. Clean Compressor And Coils If Dirty
  6. Wrap Compressor With Soundproofing Material
  7. Replace Compressor If Necessary

Step 1: Pull-Out & Unplug The Fridge

To quiet the compressor, you will first need to carefully lift up and pull out the refrigerator so you can work on reducing the decibels. You may want to seek some help with this step.

After you pull out the fridge, unplug the refrigerator from the outlet so that there isn't a risk of getting shocked.

Step 2: Verify Noise Is From Compressor

Before attempting to even quiet the compressor, you should verify that it is the source of the sound.

One easy way to determine the source is to gently touch the various refrigerator components. When you gently press on the parts, the loud noise will go away or change in volume.

So first touch the compressor and it's rubber mounts. Does the sound go away or change?

If the sound doesn't change, then start pressing on the evaporator, fans, and other components of the fridge like the door.

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Step 3: Unplug Condenser Fan

After gently pressing on various fridge parts, and you still aren't sure if the noise is from the compressor—you should unplug the condenser fan.

The condenser fan is a frequent source of annoying fridge sounds.

If after unplugging the condenser fan, and the noise reduces or goes away, then you know it isn't the compressor.

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Step 4: Replace/Support The Rubber Mounts

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There is a good chance that the source of the noise is somewhere along the rubber mounts. These mounts or brackets hold the compressor to the refrigerator. 

The mounts may be loose or broken and make a noise each time the compressor turns on. First thing would be to tighten the bolts that are holding the mounts to the fridge itself. You will need to use a wrench or flathead screwdriver depending on your mounts.

And you want to try to use some wood shims to tighten up the compressor brackets.

Carefully inspect the rubber mounts and replace if necessary.

Step 5: Clean Compressor And Coils If Dirty

If the compressor and coils are dirty, it may be causing the compressor to work overly hard and to make loud noises.

Simply clean the compressor, compressor compartment, and cooling coils of dust and debris.

You can buy special coil cleaning brushes at most hardware stores.

Step 6: Wrap Compressor With Soundproofing Material

Another option is to wrap the compressor with sound deadening material.

You will need to buy flexible sheets that you can wrap around the compressor.

It is important to make sure that the compressor still has adequate ventilation so that it doesn't overheat.

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Step 7: Replace Compressor If Necessary

If the decibel level isn't fixed with any of the steps above, it may just need to be replaced.

First check to see if the compressor is under warranty with the manufacturer.

If you have to pay for replacement yourself, the typical cost to replace a compressor (including labor) will be in the $200 to $650 range, depending on the fridge.

Final Thoughts On Quieting A Noisy Fridge Compressor

The first step in quieting a noisy fridge compressor is to determine the source of the noise. And it may not even be from the compressor; it may be from another part, such as the condenser fan.

But once you are sure it is the compressor, you will have to try a few things to quiet the noise. And always check the brackets that are securing the compressor to the fridge.

These rubber mounts sometimes go bad, but it may also be something like a loose clip or bolt.

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