Welcome To Home Inspector Secrets.

Hi! I'm Arie... Founder of Home Inspector Secrets

Hello, my name is Arie Van Tuijl, and I am a professional home inspector licensed in the state of Virginia and Maryland.

I developed this website to provide homeowners with a valuable resource to take care of their homes and to provide quality home product reviews.


After performing countless home inspections, I realized that providing an authoritative resource for homeowners on “how homes work” would save a lot of headaches—especially for new owners.

Whether it is a guide on furnace maintenance, cleaning your gutters, or the best bathroom exhaust fan, this website will have you covered.

The Start of My Home Inspection Journey...

I’ll never forget the first home inspections that I attended — as a lowly apprentice.

The veteran home inspector, my “mentor,” named Joe, was a licensed inspector and an ex-Marine. Throughout these first inspections, he showed me how the viewpoint of an inspector differs from that of a contractor. With home inspections, he told me “we look at the home as a total system — how it all works together.”

Home inspectors look at houses differently than contractors. Contractors tend to specialize in certain areas such as carpentry, roofing or electrical work. But as home inspectors, we need a general knowledge of EVERY aspect of homes. We aren’t considered “experts” but are actually “generalists” who have a broad range of knowledge of real estate.

For example, poor exterior landscaping may more than just be an eyesore. Landscaping that is sloped incorrectly can channel water into a basement. And this water can cause foundation damage (structural), mold growth (health issues), and electrical problems.

While a landscaping contractor may focus just on the grading (the slope of the lot), a home inspector will look at all the potential problems that may result. 

With something as complicated as houses— everything is connected!


Here I am testing for gas leaks in a furnace.

Fast Forward To Today...

Home Inspector Secrets will be dedicated to providing quality education on home maintenance, inspecting, improvement, and building science. 

There are major mistakes that homeowners can make that could cost thousands of dollars, threaten the value of the home as an investment, potentially place a family in danger, and maybe even jeopardize the home’s pending or future sale.

I have seen many real estate contracts fall apart because the homeowner didn’t maintain certain items — even small things that left a bad taste in the buyer’s mouths.

My goal is to help homeowners understand that good home maintenance involves viewing your house as a whole system and improve the quality of the home ownership experience.

So let’s get started!

Yours truly,

Arie Van Tuijl